Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Saving Lera

Lera has a forever family, but in her short little life she has had to endure so much. Some she knows about some she doesn't. Lera has lost 3 families and in risk of losing her 4th and with her forever family the only thing stopping them is MONEY!!! Poor Lera has also been sent to and ADULT mental institution and studies show that children with Down Syndrome do not live past the first year there. Lera's family had been told they had to raise 18,000 by Friday but now they have been given until the end of the month. Now what does this all mean to you well it means they need help and if you can give it please give. If your child was sick what would you give up to make sure they were given the best treatment possible. A cup of coffee, a candy bar, taking your lunch instead of going out to eat? What now I know this isn't your child but you could make the difference in the life of a child. Would you like a chance to win an I-Pad head over to and enter for your chance to win. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to help bring Lera home go here!!! But PLEASE HELP!!!!! This little girls' life depends on it!!!

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