Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 32

Today was long, exhausting but GREAT!!! My plan was to get up before the girls got up this morning, but 1 little 1 woke up another little 1 and the rest is history lol. So I went ahead and got in the shower cause I knew if I didn't then, I wouldn't ever. So the plan was to peek out of the shower curtain every few minutes and see what they were up to, and take a really quick shower. Well needless to say I had two little observers in the bathroom with me and one, can anyone guess who, if you guesses Johannah you would be correct decided it would be fun to stand under the shower curtain. Well these showers aren't like the showers at home, and normally everything gets soaked in the process so you don't have stuff just laying around. Well Johannah got a shower, that she thoroughly enjoyed lol She was laughing so hard. So when I got out I had to dry her off too. Good thing she wasn't fully dressed. After getting everyone ready, I fixed breakfast, and then got our 15 layers of clothes on to go outside. Niko arrived at 9 and off we went. We got to the Embassy, and there was another RR couple there, and it was SO GREAT to talk to another couple!!! And even better they had Southern accents!!! hehe So we went in together, we got to PASS everyone, way to be Americans lol We got in there and I had tons of paperwork to fill out. The girls done great though. They socialized with everyone, and done really good. I was so proud! At one point we had a major paperwork scare though. With Andrew leaving he had to go to the Embassy and fill out paperwork before he left. He double checked and made sure he signed everything, and the guy told him "we do this all the time" that is it. Well lough and behold that was not it. But they worked it out and he didn't have to come back, we didn't have to have anything fed ex and WE did not have to stay any longer. After leaving the Embassy we headed over to do medicals. Another funny story. As we were walking up to the medical center this big dog came up to us and was growling at us and of course I freaked, well I hollered for Niko and as soon as I hollered Johannah let out this ginormous scream, that dog tucked his tail, laid his ears flat and ran off. How funny is that? We just laughed. Once inside we had more waiting, and moving from one room to another, and more waiting and again both girls done GREAT!!! After waiting for the Dr. to give us the new forms, we were set to go. Niko took me again to the market so I could pick up a few things. He sat in the car with the girls. He is such a life saver!!! When I came out both girls were kinda upset. Ellee thought I left her :( and then she wouldn't let me out of her sight the rest of the time. Niko helped me get everything and both girls up to our apartment and then he left. Again did I tell you Niko is a life saver!!! lol The girls barely made it through lunch they were both tired and cranky at that point. So it was nap time. Johannah got up from nap first and then Ellee and while I had Johannah on the potty Ellee came in there to me and was very upset. She turned around and she had an accident it was horrible. Bless her heart!!! I think it is partly because she hasn't been feeling good and then of course the diet change. So I had to put her in the bath and give her a bath. Then take off bed sheets and comforters and even pillow cases and wash those. I can only imagine what the people below me were thinking. After getting everything, and everyone cleaned up it was time to start cooking dinner. So I fixed dinner and we ate, and the rest of the night we have played. We talked to my mom on the phone and they were so silly. They love their Nana! Johannah of course kept us entertained for an hour. She was being the silliest. I think once Ellee starts feeling better she will start being silly again. Ok enough babbling and on to the good stuff!

Oh and did I forget to mention we get the girls Visa's tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. my time and we are coming HOME Wednesday!!!! Whoo hoo!!!


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Scrappy quilter said...

So cute, so cute. Sisters forever!!

pat said...

Just a quick note. Watch out many of these kids have Giarida and could be the cause of diarrhea. Take lots of extras in your carry on. I learned the hard way our first flight to the us was delayed 6 hours then it was another 13 hours (had to fly to LA)! Good trip home update as possible.
pat and Katie is St. Louis

Jennifer said...

Yay!!! Get those Visas tomorrow and get home on Wednesday!! You are almost there Jenn and you are doing amazing! Your girls are just precious! I am so happy for you!!! I love that Johannah scared off that dog with her scream!

Lorene said...

Yay! Can't wait to read that you are HOME!!!

Bobbie said...

Hi! I was laughing so hard when reading about Johannah being the little body guard! That dog had no clue what he was in for!!
Jenn is right - you are doing such a great job. And I can't thank you enough for your blog posts - they are priceless.
It looks like you have a little diva on your hands, with the hairbrush. :-) I hope Elle is feeling better, and that you have a smooth, safe trip home. You're almost there - woo hoo!!! (are you sure you don't want to stay a few more weeks and wait for us? Haha!!) Take care girlie!