Friday, April 20, 2012

Long time no post

I'm sorry I'm such a horrible blogger! We have been so busy lately with trying to get ready to move across country, drs. appointments, plays, field trips, and the list goes one. Let's start with first and foremost the girls are doing GREAT! They are happy, healthy, learning like crazy, and spoiled rotten and they know it ;) Ellee was in her first play a few weeks ago, and she done great! Her teacher said that Ellee was the first Kindergarten she has ever had that has done such a good job. That same day Johannah had her very first field trip to the local fire department, and the park. Next came Ellee's follow up doctors appointment at Vandy for her ear. The doctor said that everything looked great, and that the surgery helped, and that he didn't want to see us for 6 months and then after that appointment we would change to going only once a year Whoo hoo! We also had Easter in there with all of this, and the girls had a good one. Because our stuff was in storage (because we should already be moved now) the girls didn't get to wear the Easter dresses but we had a good day anyways. The girls loved their Easter baskets and only got a little bit of candy and the rest is stuff they can wear or use ;) This past weekend the girls were in a fashion show held by our local health department to fund mammograms for those who can't afford them to still be able to get them. A friend of mine (who was the coordinator of the event) sent me a message on faceb**k last night and let me know that Johannah was on the front page, so I sent Andrew out to get one. When he brought it back I flipped it to the back page and there was a picture of Ellee also. So both of my girls made the local newspaper :) For now that is it and hopefully it won't be that long until the next time I post :)