Friday, June 24, 2011

Johannah's audiology appointment

Took Johannah to the audiologist today, Ellee is due to go back but because of the massive ear wax the Dr. doesn't want to have her hearing checked until the can get an accurate reading, so Johannah was the only one that had an appointment today. She done really good and was really patient with the doctor. After doing several tests on her the audiologist told me that Johannah has a lot of fluid built up on both of her ears and she said it was a cause for concern, so she wanted Johannah seen by her Dr. as soon as possible. So I called the Dr. as soon as I left and he said her wanted her seen tomorrow but not by him because he is not on call. So we are seeing another Dr. in the office, we have seen her once before, and she is really good. She will either prescribe an antibiotic for her or to see Dr. Moore about getting tubes. We will know more tomorrow. I'm not completely opposed to tubes, there are many benefits to tubes, of course there is the release of the fluid, there is also the benefits of speech. On the flip side of that I am worried and will probably freak out if he says she needs tubes, but I want whatever is best for her and whatever will help her. Please pray for her and pray for what will be best for her.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bible Study *Change of Plans*

Ok so the change of plans were, I had to start a new blog because it wouldn't allow comments under the other page so the new addy is
I am going to start an interative Bible Study beginning with Genesis Chapter 1 and going all the way through end of Revelation. If you are interested in following along please comment and leave your name and email address. I will send out your assignments and when we will discuss it. This is going to be more of a go at your own pace, if I feel it is going to fast then I will slow it down. I want everyone to be able to follow along and understand what is going on.

Hope there are many interested in doing this! If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Today was a bittersweet Father's Day. This was the first Father's Day without my daddy. It was extremely hard, it has been 5 months since my dad passed away and it doesn't get any easier. What I wouldn't have given to be able to have picked up the phone and wished him a Happy Father's Day, and come in after church and give him a big hug and a kiss, and then eat lunch together. It is those things I miss the most! My Dad was an amazing man and I am so thankful for the time he was in my life! And I get to look forward to seeing him again one day with our Heavenly Father and spending eternity with them!

I am married to a wonderful, Christian man who is a wonderful husband and father. I could not be more blessed with a wonderful father to our children. After getting ready for church this morning the kiddos gave their daddy his Father's Day card. He got his gift yesterday, a new cellphone case lol, we like to give gifts that we can use. We had subway for lunch because Andrew had to work today :( so I dropped him off at work and then came home to clean, but I cooked a big supper and took it to him at work. :) Now to end the night we are playing a game of scrabble and watching cars Yes we are really like to party hehe

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lost one

I have been planning on doing a post for a while and everytime I sit down to write one something else comes up and I get sidetracked and by the time I get done I am ready for bed.
The girls are doing really great. We had neck x-rays done last week and those come out normal Praise God! So they will start gymnastics in August! :) At that Dr.s appt. we also found out that both girls have severely clogged up ears, so I am having to put medicine in their ears and we go back on Monday and the Dr. is going to clean them out again.
Johannah had croup a few weeks ago and Ellee had some type of 24 hour viral bug. They are both well now Praise God!
Umm what else is there...

 The beautiful dresses were made by my friend Denise :)