Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 30 and 31

The last two days have been Great!!! Yesterday (day 30) we were scheduled to leave on the train at 4:45 p.m. and leave the apartment at 3:30. My landlandy came by at 3:30 to get last of rent and keys, and to help me if I needed any help! Oh my gosh I was so thankful. I was still contemplating how I was going to get 2 little ones down 3 flights of stairs and our big, heavy suitcase. Boy what a relief it was that she showed up and was willing to help. At 4 S got there to take us to the train station, and Ellee did great in the car. S not only took us to the train station but he also took us to our cart, again what a relief since I don't speak the language and had no idea where I was going. At 4:45 exactly our train left the station. It was so funny to see the girls reaction when the train started leaving. Their little faces just lit up and was looking out the window. Then I told them to wave bye bye to L (the city) and they did, and every few minutes they would wave, it was so stinking cute. When we got on the train I had taken their snow suits and boots off, and then slowly everything else started coming off until they were in tanks and undies cause it was so stinking hot in our cabin. Oh it was hot, their hair was ringing wet from it being so hot. At about 5:30 we had a snack because we ate an early dinner. Then at 6 both of their eyes was getting droopy, and Ellee has been sick with some rattling in her chest, a cough, and a temp at times. I rocked them both to sleep, and went ahead and turned off the light and went to sleep myself because I didn't know how long they would sleep so I wanted to sleep while they slept. At 9 we all woke up. We again had a small snack, and juice. I am trying to keep them as hydrated because with Ellee sick I don't want her to get dehydrated and from what I have been told because both girls are so close and everything Johannah will probably get it so I want to keep them hydrated. We stayed awake until around 11 and then all fell back to sleep and slept until 7! Whoo hoo They did so GREAT on the train! One very proud momma!!! We arrived at the capital at 8:15 a.m. (day 31) and got out of our cart heading about halfway down the hallway when here comes Niko to the rescue! Love him, he was such a life saver! He took the suitcase for me, and I had the girls. He tried to take Johannah but she wouldn't go to him. Finally she took his hand but only as long as she had my hand too. We left the train station and he asked me if I needed to stop by the market and I told him that would be great. When we arrived he told me he would stay in the car with the girls and I could run in. Again what a LIFE SAVER!!! I went in and got things for a few meals. When I came back out I ask how they done and he said great! Oh I was so relieved, because I knew how Ellee had been in a car and Johannah won't let me out of her sight so I worried but they both done great! We then went to our apartment, and boy am I glad he let me go to the store before hand. Yes because of the culture it is convenient to the stores and restaurants and stuff but for a spoiled American (LOL) and 2 small children it couldn't be anymore inconvenient. Our apartment is on the 7th floor, no elevator, 2 flights of stairs to each level, then when you do finally get outside in order to get to the market you have to walk down 3 more flights of stairs that are narrow and straight down. Needless to say we won't be going anywhere unless we have to. But once in the apartment Niko took from me the papers needed for the Embassy and told me he would come for us in the morning. One of the things Niko said about the girls was "they are very skinny" lol I said no I they are very chunky, healthy girls. I am so thankful for that. They were so well taken care of in the orphanage that they were in.  Once Niko left I made breakfast, and we ate, then took baths, and I washed laundry. How do children get so dirty and they haven't done anything? Their clothes were dirty, their fingernails were dirty, and all we done in 2 days was travel and they had a bath the night before we left their region. LOL Anyways after lunch and lots of playing they took a nap, and I was going to take a shower and decided on a nap too hehe. ;) I woke up about 2:00 and at 3:30 the girls still wasn't awake so mean momma went and there and woke them up because I wanted them to sleep tonight. We then called Nana and talked with her for a little while, before supper. For supper we had  potato salad  and this chicken that was breaded and then when you cut into it had potatoes on the inside. Oh it was so yummy. I didn't know it had the potatoes but it was really good. The potato salad umm not so much, but the girls really enjoyed it, but I don't think their tummy's enjoyed it to much because they have had upset tummy's that or it is because they are eating different stuff they aren't used to. We will just have to wait and see. But let me just tell you they will try whatever you put in front of them, they are not picky. After supper they played more and more and more, I think they wore themselves out at one point because they both just sat on the couch and starred off into space. Then it was time to Skype with daddy, and bubba and sissy. And this is the first time the girls have been able to see Bailey and Derek and they blew kisses at them and Johannah just jabbered away to them. It was so funny. Then it was time to show off. The only English channel with get has a variety of stuff on it but mostly it plays Rock music and they get in the middle of the floor and just dance. It is so cute to watch. So they got to to watch them show off their dance skills. :) After that it was time for bed. So after being rocked and put to bed they are both sound asleep snoring. :) Tomorrow is going to be a long day!!! Embassy appt. at 10 a.m. and a visit to the "Dr" and then we hope to meet up with another couple who have just arrived to eat dinner. Then on Tuesday we go back to the Embassy to get Visas and on Wednesday we fly HOME!!!!
So now that I have jabbered here is your daily dose of cuteness!
Sleeping beauty 1 just woke up 1st morning together

sleeping beauty 2 just woke up 1st morning together

When we first got on the train

as you can see we are losing clothes a few articles at a time lol

and at this point we down to tanks and undies

Yep both of them sleeping beauties :)   

At one point I had about 3 think blankets over the heater and it did finally cool down to where we were suffocating.


Jennifer said...

I am so glad that you had help! Don't you just love Niko? He is so sweet! Just a few more days and you will be HOME with your girls!!! I'm so thrilled for you! You are doing amazing Mama!

Anonymous said...

Jenn, sounds like you guys are doing so well! Praise the Lord. Enjoy your last days in the country and know that you are almost home!!!! Couple more days. We're doing well, Sophie is adjusting quite well, I am impressed with her! Take care and give those funny girls hugs from me!

Nan and Dan said...

Woo hoo!! Congrats!! you are SO close!!!
Before you know it you will be home! :)

Loving the Mommy Life said...

They are such cuties! You are almost finished and will be home with your beauties in hand soon. :) Praying for you!