Tuesday, June 29, 2010

News and such

Right now we have several different things going on. Got news from our social worker today that our packet II was just missing a few items, but it was things easily found and they are on their way to the mailbox first thing in the morning. She told us that we were almost there and everything was downhill from here. So hopefully that will be finished soon, and we will be able to get our fingerprint appt and then get the rest of our dossier over to our daughters country and then get ourselves over there and them HOME!

In different news ;) We have 3 seperate fundraisers going on right now. The first one is a T-shirt fundraiser. You can order whatever color you would like including tie dye the cost is 12 dollars for sizes up to XL, then 2X and above is 2 dollars more. The front of the t-shirt says " Adoption Every child needs a safe and loving home" the back of the shirt says "Touching lives....Two at a time" and gives our blog address. *The second fundraiser is a puzzle piece fundraiser...We have a puzzle being made that has the girls picture on it, and you purchase a puzzle piece at $5 dollars and we will place your name on the back of it. *The third fundraiser is an adoption benefit on July 10th from 12-4 at our church. There will be bouncers, food, and a silent auction.

You can donate through the "Bring Ivy and Rose" button or on the donate button. Thank you all for your support!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blessed beyond measure!!!

God is an awesome God! We are blessed with Amazing friends, I should have wrote this one several weeks ago, but let me just say that I am a little absent minded with everything going on :) A few weeks ago my friend Shawnee posted our blog on her facebook and wrote an amazing post about it, and then two days ago another wonderful friend of mine, Becky wrote an amazing posting and posted our blog on her page. I have been showed some amazing love by them!

Today we have had some really great blessings from friends, and companies. My friend Marla is donating a Longaberger basket, and a couple companies have donated some items. What a blessing! I can say we have been truly blessed!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Next Fundraiser

Our next fundraiser is underway. We are holding our next fundraiser July 10th at Elkton Baptist Church. We are having a silent auction, it will be held from 12-4, we will even have fun for the kids. There will be bouncers, and snow cones and hot dogs. We are in the process now of trying to get companies to donate items that we can be part of the silent auction. God is an awesome God and will continue to provide. Please pray for the success of this fundraiser.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Father's Day has come in gone, and millions of dads all around the world have children that look up to them no matter how old they are. I have a wonderful daddy, who I love with all my heart, and am so very blessed to have him as my dad. Although today was a great day, visiting my dad and Andrew's dad it was also a sad day too. I have two beautiful daughters sitting in an orphanage that don't know they have a wonderful DAD, and of course a MOM but it is Father's Day ;), waiting with open arms for them. I was telling Andrew tonight that I am so ready to get them home. I am so ready to show them love that they are missing out on.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

No laughing....

Ok for everyone who is reading this there is no laughing aloud :) Last night we had to go to the airport to pick up our niece. As we pulled into the airport and I saw the sign that said Nashville International Airport I got butterflies in my stomach, knowing that in no time we are going to be going to that airport to head out and meet our beautiful daughters. As we were waiting for her flight to come in I was thinking about all the pictures I needed or someone else was going to need to make. A picture of the flight departing for the first time, and then of course a pic of the flight landing. Then the time came for us to leave and I was sad. (I told you all not to laugh lol) I was sad because I was leaving and going home and not on a plane where I would like to be because I am so ready to go and see my girls. But let me just add that I am happy because our neice is here and she is a blast to have here.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Good news today

Today we got good news. We had to call Andrew's insurance company to get a form from his insurance company stating that the girls' could be covered under his insurance. They will actually be covered under mine since mine is so much better, but for our home study they require that they have a statement from both companies. He called today and at first they told us that they would probably not be able to be covered under his insurance because it is a pre-existing condition. She told him to let her look through and then give him a call back and let him know. She called back a little while later and said that it will not be considered a pre-existing condition because we are adopting, and that falls under the birth/adoption clause how great is that.

Now if we could just get more good news. We are trying to get another fundraiser together and it has not been going good, but I know God is good and that is all that matters!!! Still praying and believing in faith!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Bump, Bump, Bump...

I wonder if some people knew what this adoption means to me or my husband if they would change their attitude about things. Grrr

I heard from someone recently the more bumps you hit in the road here the less that you will hit in country. Boy do I hope that is true!!!!

Just feeling a little frustrated tonight and wish that I had Dorothy's ruby red slippers and I could click them and say what I need and poof it would happen, but we all know that was just a bump on the head and a dream.

Ok now that I am done complaining...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yardsale Fundraiser

We had our yard sale fundraiser today and it was amazing! So many people came out and supported us! We raise quite a bit of money. It was funny because we got up to the church at 5:30 this morning to set up, and within 10 minutes of us being up there and having the first load unloaded, we had customers browsing. It was funny because they were browsing while I was still unpacking. We had several of our big items sold before 7:00 am...By 7 we felt like we had already been there all day, because we had so many great customers. By 1:00 we were exhausted, heat exhausted and ready to go home. We had a couple of big items we still wanted to sell, but we were going to pack up and leave at 2:00 if they weren't sold, of course a little disappointed, but like I said we were really tired and hot. And of course you KNOW God came through. We had a 52" TV that was donated to us and we were really trying to sell that because that would bring us some money. We had one lady that came up and said oh yeah I want that, I will send my grandmother up here in just a few minutes to get it. So as we waited for her grandmother to come by we had several more customers, and would you know more people was looking at the TV, but we told them that it was sold. Well her grandmother did show up, but wasn't able to get the TV, so God being the God that he is had one of the customers that really wanted the TV still there and she bought it. Once those customers had purchased all they were purchasing we packed up the items that we had left, put them in the trailer that is so conveniently sitting in our church parking lot about to head out to one of the towns here in KY that are less fortunate, and we headed home.

God is such an amazing God!!! We prayed and prayed and prayed for that TV to be sold and it was sold, and all the other big items that we wanted to get rid of we were able to sell. The moral of the story is that God is GREAT!!!! :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

I will not panic, I will not panic, I will not panic!!!

I will not panic are my famous words of the day! Andrew tells me that our CSP/POA's are probably in the air and on their way to Ukraine, but that they haven't actually passed through customs yet so there are not going to be any new updates. I do not like when there are no new updates. It drives me crazy! These little pieces of papers are what holds my beautiful daughters there in the orphanage, for Ellee it is keeping her from being transferred to an institution, and for Hannah it means that no one else is able to adopt her. Patience is what I am being taught during this journey, I don't remember asking for patience though. God knows me from head to toe, and he knows that I panic, and I'm not a patient person :)

Yard sale starts in t-minus 14 1/2 hours. Praying that it goes well!!!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Night Night Sweeties

So I am stuck on this whole time thing now. I have thought about it but more so in the last few days. As of right now it is 4:22 here and it is 12:22 there. My sweet angels have already been put to bed, and been there for hours. Boy I can't wait until I am able to put them to bed. Bedtime stories, good night hugs and kisses, and most importantly bedtime prayers.

As I was reading one of the other families that are adopting through Reece's Rainbow blog they were able to get their sweet Sophie today, and keep her until they leave the country. I can't wait until that happens with us. The emotions they must be feeling now. Wow what a great gift!

Jamaica, Jamaica Ny that is :)

So I got up this morning to check on our CSP/POA's and they are in Jamaica...Jamaica NY lol...As of right now they are probably somewhere as of now but there are no new updates. I can't wait until they get there, they should have actually been there over a month ago, but since everyone makes mistakes they aren't.

As I am writing this it is 12:23 P.M. here and where my beautiful daughters are it is 5:24 P.M. I can't help but wonder if they are eating dinner and if they are what are they eating. I also think about how many times today they have been hugged, if at all. I think about if they have been bathed. Wow so many thoughts are running through my mind right now. Geeze I can't wait to get them home so I know that all of these things are being done.

Please continue to pray for our Yard-Sale this weekend. Please pray that it is a success because we still have so far to go, but we know that God will provide!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

CSP/POA's on their way!!!

So yesterday's post you saw where we received our apostilled CSP/POA's and we thought we were going to be able to send them off yesterday. We called around to find the best price to send them and it ranged anywhere from 90 dollars to 191 dollars. Wow are you kidding me, just to get some forms over there. Yes it is very worth it but I spending my children's college fund here :) just kidding but it is crazy. So Andrew called Fed-Ex and they quoted him 30 dollars, we thought that was awesome, but then we got there and they wanted to charge us 130 dollars. Again are you kidding me! So we waited until today and we sent them through the US mail and hello 34 dollars. Sometimes big companies make me mad!!!! Ok stepping down off my soap box now.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Finally Apostilled!!!!

Yay we finally received our CSP/POA's from Tray Grayson's office finally apostilled! We now have to go to UPS and get them sent off to Ukraine! We also found out today that our FBI checks was sent to our Home Study agency back in April. So we can finally move forward. We hope to have everything finished no later than the end of this month and hurry up and get our travel date so that we can go get our beautiful daughters!

This weekend we are having a Yard sale Fundraiser! Please pray for us that it goes well and we can collect more funds. We still have a long way to go, but we know that God will provide. He has been in this before we were in this and will continue to be in it.

Thank you for everyone who has been praying for us, support us, and have financially helped us. We love you all!!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Moving forward....hopefully, prayerfully :)

We have had to redo several forms for one reason or another, either the notary's expiration date was within six months, or the notary messed up somehow, or our doctor does the whole physical and then decides she doesn't want to sign the form. We then get another doctor and he doesn't mind signing the form, but does mind giving us a copy of his medical license, his exacts words were, "I don't really want to give you or the Ukrainian government a copy of my medical license." I was devastated but he did end up giving us a copy. The next bump in the road came when the CSP/POA's that we sent off to be apostilled several months ago didn't come in and then when I called they told me that they had sat them to the side and completely forgot all about them, with their apologies and their promise to get them out within the next day or two, I hung up the phone. They kept to their promise I received them in the mail on Saturday, with a letter enclosed stating the could not complete the request because they required a separate form for each document. Ugh really could you have not told me this on the phone. OK so yesterday was Memorial Day so everything was closed, so first thing this morning Andrew went to the court house and requested the forms 12 of them to be exact and he explained to them why we were needing them and to see if they would give us a break on the fee, NOPE they sure wouldn't it was another 60 bucks. WOW really, I am a hard working citizen who pays taxes and you can't give a break. OK so Andrew got them and sent them out again. So we shall see.... Sorry for the complaining but this is called "Journey with the Lane's" lol sorry had to try to throw some humor in there... That's all for now, let's pray that we get them back this week and they are ready to send to Yulia!