Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In your weakest moment God shows up and does something amazing!

Yesterday Andrew called the SW to see how our paperwork review was coming and she told him that half of the members had looked at it, but half hadn't but that she would let us know something soon. So yesterday to say I was bummed would be putting it mildly. Today however was made extremely better day, well it started out with me breaking my shoe at work so I had to call Andrew to see if he would bring me my other pair of shoes, and when I called he was talking to the SW on his cell phone and I could hear him talking and after a few minutes listening I could hear he was talking to the SW. I got so excited as I heard more and more of the conversation. I had to hang up though cause I had to take the kiddos to the lunch room, on my way back I saw Andrew standing there with my shoes and a big smile on his face. So I got up to him and he started to fill me in on the conversation, the exciting part was on Tuesday the SW is coming down to our house to do that part of the Home study and then on Thursday (yes the same week) we go to her to do our separate interviews and then our Home study will be complete. How exciting!!! I can't wait, I want my daughters' home!!!!

I was so excited after I heard the news that I started shaking extremely bad :) I took ham to my desk instead of putting it on my sandwich, and I couldn't form complete sentences. I was so giddy! :)

Please pray for us because now we have to kick in to high gear to do more fundraising and have several things to get together! :)

In your weakest moment God shows up and does something amazing! :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wow God!

I love how God uses things to point out to us that he is GOD! So we have been not so patiently waiting on hearing something from our home study agency and our social worker. I run to my computer every morning and check my email like a crazy women, but nothing and it is driving me crazy. Tonight I got my devotional book out and read what was for today, and wow God spoke :) Here is what it said;

Wait and Work
Blessed is a man who endures trials, because when he passes the test he will receive the crown of life that He has promised to those who love him. James 1:12

As individuals and as a nation, we become impatient for the changes that we so earnestly desire. We want solutions to our problems, and we want them now! But sometimes, life's greatest challenges defy easy solutions, so we must be patient.
Psalm 37:7 commands us to wait patiently for God, but, for most of us, waiting quietly for Him is difficult. Why? Because we are fallible human beings who seek solutions to our problems today, if not sooner. We seek to manage our lives according to our own timetables, not God's. Still, God instructs us to be patient in all things, and that is as it should be. After all, think how patient God has been with us.

Wow what do you say to that? God knows exactly when we need to hear something. And I know that God has to be super patient with me ;) because I am only human and a lot of time my human nature is what gets the better of me, and I forget that God is in control. So my goal is to wait patiently on God and try no to be spastic and know that everything happens in his timing and that it will happen!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My husband wrote the last post and he said that we had hit bumps in the road but knew that this was God's plan...Well let's just say that we hit some more bumps in the road, but God is so much bigger than any bumps that we might hit. Satan has attacked this adoption since the beginning, the first ones were just small bumps, then he hit me when he attacked my dad...There are four IMPORTANT things in my life besides God being number 1 but the others are my dad, my girls, my mom, and my husband...Well satan attacked my dad, the he tried to attack my girls, but like I said God is bigger than anything else, and I have to keep reminding myself satan has read the end of the Bible or else he would might (ha) give up seeing as how God WINS!!!

Needless to say we are in cruch time now. God has done soooo many miracles in helping us get our girls and we know that he will continue to do so. We have been blessed with so many wonderful friends, family, and strangers in our journey and will never know how to repay each of those people, but we know that God will bless them bigger and better than we ever could!