Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 24 (9 days down 1 to go)

So we have officially made it to 1 day to go. This tomorrow night it will be official :) So many people have said that 10 days will fly and I was like yeah right no it won't, but in all honesty it has. Now my countdown will be until Thursday morning when we will start everything and hopefully get everything done. Yes it will make for a long day, but if we don't get it done it will make for longer days so I would rather have 1 long day, because I am ready to go HOME!!! :) Please don't get me wrong I have enjoyed my time here, and if God calls me back I will come in a heartbeat, but you never know how much you miss something or appreciate the little things in life until they are gone.
Today was a yucky day. I didn't sleep very well last night so I planned on sleeping in just a little later this morning but I didn't lol and when I woke up it was dark outside. I was wondering what was wrong with my alarm clock at that point or if I had set it for the wrong time. So I went over and looked out and it was snowing!!! So I got dressed and ready and decided I would call V to have her call me a taxi instead of me getting out and walking in this mess, because I have finally started to feel better and didn't want anything to jeopardize that. ***EVERYONE please pray for V's daughter she is in the hospital very sick, so please pray that she gets better!!! Once the taxi arrived off to the orphanage I went and you know it is pretty bad when your facilitator calls to check on you and you tell her you are in a taxi and tell her why and she says "why is it snowing it is Spring, we are tired of this snow" LOL I thought that was pretty funny. Once I arrived at the orphanage I did my same routine and again today I got to dress Johannah. It makes for one very excited Momma. :) Of course Ms. Johannah thought it would be funny to run from momma when I was trying to get her dress on and when I finally accomplished that she thought it would be funny to run when I was getting her shoes on. She is my little stinker, just in case no one has noticed lol We then went and got Ellee and they dressed her :( but soon I will be doing that :) Off to the playroom we went. It was us for the first hour and then another family showed up, and not to long after that another lady and baby showed up. So we had 5 kiddos in there. They all played, and in no time our visit was over. So I took the kiddos back to their rooms, and again it was vice versa for which one was going to latch onto me. Ellee latched on and wouldn't let go, so I stayed with her probably another 30 minutes before I left.
After I left I decided that I would take the bus because it was actually warm and sunny at this point. Almost so warm that I took my jacket off because I was hot, but I didn't better safe than sorry. I went to the outdoor market before getting on the bus. I normally stop in there and pick up a little something before heading home. The one lady in there knows me by face now lol Today however when I went in there she lit up and grabbed my starburst because yesterday I bought starburst and a couple of other things, put everything in my backpack and got home and realized I forgot the starburst on the counter. I was disappointed but I was like oh well chalk it up as a lost, because if she didn't realize I left them and I couldn't communicate that I left them, I would just buy more because I wanted starburst lol but when I went in she handed them right to me lol wonder if I have been in there too many times??? NA :) I got my items and went and caught the bus, and like I said the weekends are great got on found a seat and wasn't stuffed in there like sardines. :) A couple of hours ago I went to look out the window and wouldn't you know the snow has started back up and it is coming down harder than it was this morning. I guess the groundhog here saw his shadow! (by the way I just cracked myself up lol) and if you think I am corny I am in a foreign country alone ;)
Now onto the good stuff...

 The last pic is showing some sisterly love!!! and by the way if I had my choice Johannah would NOT be wearing they read stripped capri looking thingys but ya know... :)


Rachel said...

They have starbursts over there? I bought like three bags to bring with me, lol.

pat said...

Oh I am so excited for you! I pray that there are people to help with the traveling. It is going to be a challenge. Keep us posted.

mrsbullfrog said...

and so your new life begins :) Love you guys