Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 26

Today was a Great visit with the girls! All of them are great but on days that it gets to be just me and them is better.
I have been talking about the holiday over here "International Women's Day", and I still haven't researched it, but I think it is something like Valentine's Day. There were vendor's that had flowers for sale, and some had chocolates, and you saw all these guys walking around with flowers and stuff, so I am assuming it is like Valentine's Day. I will get back to you on that. Anyway they take this holiday seriously because my apartment building is around all the government buildings and they were all shut down yesterday and today, hardly no one was out on the streets today, and then a lot of the local businesses groceries stores etc. were even closed today. It is just funny to be walking down the street and not see tons of people out here, because there are normally lots of people walking because that is what everyone does here.
My day kinda started off rough. I waited at the bus stop for the bus to come for what seemed like forever, and then when it did come I went to get on and he started pulling off with me still attached by the way lol he didn't go very far but it scared the life out of me, then I was scared to even ride his bus lol, but I did get on and it was fine.  Then I got to the road that goes up to the orphanage, and there is always these dogs out there but they never bother me and vice versa, today however there was a new little dog and I think he was a little overprotective of his area and he started barking at me and nipping at me again scared the life out of me and then 10 of his friends started barking at me, finally I got through the gates of the orphanage. Phew I was scared let me tell ya. When I left though my little "friend" was nowhere to be seen and I was just fine with that.
Anyway when I got into the orphanage it was quiet in there like on the weekends, so I went and picked up the girls and we headed to the playroom where we spent the next 2 1/2 hours playing. We had a great time. They are changing everyday, and coming out of their shells, and I love the fact they thinking mommy can fix everything. lol They hit their hands "on purpose" and want mommy to kiss it, or a toy comes apart they want mommy to fix it. I have waited so long to "fix" things! I can not tell you how blessed that I feel right now, and how God's Plan is Perfect!!! When I took the girls back today, both of the girls caretakers asked me questions of when the girls were leaving. Johannah's caretakers I had to do the best I could with explaining, but I think they got it, and I was able to get a picture of Johannah's favorite caretaker, shh she's mine too :) and then Ellee's groupa had a English speaking caretaker in there and Ellee's favorite caretaker, along with mine ;) asked me the same thing. They are sad to see her go but happy that she is going home with a family. They asked me to send pictures back of them and she asked me for my phone number. I am so excited that they care so much for them.
Tomorrow is my last official visit with the girls at the orphanage. On Thursday we start the paperchase and by the time we get done it will be too late for a visit, but then Friday will be GOTCHA DAY!!! :) I am so excited I can't wait!!!
So now onto the good stuff :) It gets harder and harder everyday to just chose a few pictures to put on here :)


Sarah said...

Ok, the thing about the pack of dogs? I almost had a heart attack! That would've scared me more than possibly being drug by a bus, honestly. LOL! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Maybe your sweet English speaking caretaker can point you in the direction of a particular little redhead I'm partial too! ;) Can't wait for Gotcha Day pics!!! :)

mrsbullfrog said...

it's getting really exciting!!!!!

Milena said...

It's International Women's Day, celebrated much like Valentine's or Mother's Day.

Lorene said...

I hope when we eventually get there that our experience is as good as yours sounds! Can't wait to see pics of girls OUT of the orphanage! I'm guessing no peeks at any of the younger babes?

Mel said...

Holy cow Johannah is a HAM!! She makes the cutest funniest faces!! LOL I can't wait till Friday!!!! Love ya!!