Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 23 (8 days down 2 to go)

Yes only 2 more days!!! Whooo hooo!!! A few people have asked us what this means so here it goes lol... You have a 10 day waiting period between the time that you go to court and the time you get your court decree making it official. What that 10 days is for is if anyone wants to object for the girls to be adopted or if we wanted to change our minds. Ummm NO WAY!!!! Normally for everyone once the 10 days is over you spend the 11th day doing all the running around that you have to do like, going to your child's birth city getting their old birth certificates coming back and getting new birth certificates with their new parents name on it, then going and getting them tax id #'s which to us is Social Security #'s, closing out their checking account and making that donation to the orphanage and if you have time that day doing passports. For us however, we have to wait an extra 2 days because on Tuesday (which would be our 11th day and we could get started with everything) is a National Holiday over here, and then we can't do anything Wednesday because they only process birth certificates on Tuesday and Thursday. So we have to wait until Thursday to get started. On Thursday we hope to complete everything except for passports, which we hope to complete on Friday. On Friday we hope that to be "Gotcha Day" too. If everything works out and we can finish all of that stuff Thursday and Friday then we will take the overnight train on Friday to the Capital, arrive Saturday, enjoy our weekend in the capital and on Monday (the 14th) have our US Embassy appointment, finish on Tuesday and head home Wednesday!!! Please Please Please pray that this all works out and we can head home Wednesday. I am ready to go home, and more importantly I am ready to go home so we can start our new life as a FAMILY!!! Shhh don't tell Andrew but I really really really really really MISS him!!!
Now onto today! :) I did my same ole same ole where I went and got Johannah first, but today I got to dress her!!! Yay! They gave me her clothes but I got to dress her, then we went and picked up Ellee and headed to the playroom. We got to the playroom and it was locked! So I went downstairs and the lady gave me the key to unlock it, I felt pretty special because normally they come and unlock it for you but she gave me the key, who hoo lol ;) It was really nice because it was only me and the girls today. We had a good visit. Johannah was feisty today, she started by pulling out her hairbow and would NOT let me put it back in, then she threw it behind the couch, and then she was very determined to wrestle with her sister today. Ellee was not happy with this at all. You can tell they are already sisters!!! :) Ellee is very laid back and content on working on one thing at a time, Johannah is busy, she likes to be up moving. We had a very good visit! It was reversed today Johannah was not very happy when I left, the caretaker had to actually come get her from me, it breaks my heart to leave them crying, it breaks my heart to leave them at all, but it breaks my heart to leave them crying. I just want to go back in there and hold them and rock them and tell them everything will be ok.
The bus ride to and from the orphanage was a really good one today. I love the weekends and I love Sunday's even more. On the weekends not everyone is going to work so normally you can find a seat pretty easily and on Sundays you don't have to worry about finding a seat at all. Sundays around noon is when everyone starts to get out and about so early morning when I am heading to the orphanage the bus is not packed at all. Love it! I am a personal space kind of person, and here you have NO personal space whatsoever. I have really come a long way in the last couple of weeks lol
Onto the good stuff...


Dani said...

they are so their expressions ..and the don't think you are coming near me with a hairbow look : ) prayers the rest of the journey goes by so very quickly..and smoothly

Sherry White said...

haha Johannah DOES look fiesty today! She reminds me a lot of my Jessa! :) Ellee and her head tilt... can I just tell you how many hundreds of times I've looked at that pic of her in that green dress and prayed in my heart that a family would come and take her home!

Thanks for sharing this journey, Jennifer. I spent a few weeks alone over there last summer, and it really brings back memories! I giggle when I think of some of the personal space issues we encountered on the metro!

I couldn't wait to get home, either. But now here I am, longing to get back there!

Johannah said...

Will follow your blog!! Congratualtions and thank you both for opening your hearts to these little girls!! God bless you all!! <3
best Wishes- Johannah

Bobbie said...

Whoa! Talk about attitude! That is toooooo funny!