Sunday, August 18, 2013

Long overdue update

Time for a long overdue update on the girls. I was afraid to look back and see when the last time it was that I blogged. Where do I even start? The girls are doing great! They have been thriving so much, especially in the last few weeks. We decided to keep speech going through the summer, since we have that option here in Montana, and their private speech therapist is awesome! I just love watching them grow, learn, connect different things/people, and so much more.

As most of you know we moved to Montana a little over a year ago for Andrew to be youth pastor. When moving here we knew there were a lot of benefits for the girls here. There is a place here called Eagle Mount and they have done skiing lessons, ice skating lessons, swimming lessons, and in a few weeks they start horseback riding lessons. This place is amazing and is adapted to those with special needs. They also host Saturday nights out once a month where we can take them and they get to play with other kiddos and Andrew and I get to have a date night.

The girls have a few "favorite" people in their lives and they absolutely love to call their names. Some of those people are Randa (Muranda), MiMi, and Amber. What I love about this is they are able to connect faces with names.

They now connect a bath with bubbles. Anytime I say, "Let's go take a bath" they automatically say bubbles. The LOVE bubble baths. They also love to wash themselves, which is great in learning independence, but I still make sure they are washing thoroughly ;)

Their continued favorites are music, and of course food!

On the 28th of this month Ellee will start first grade! On September 3rd Johannah will go back into kindergarten. The girls absolutely love school, and for a few months school was on the naughty word list no one could say it, but now we are counting down until school starts and they are excited. However, they have enjoyed going to work with daddy.

I will try to update more here soon, but I better not do anymore right now or you might go to sleep on me. :)

Psalm 127:3a Children are a heritage from the Lord