Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ellee's new glasses

Ellee got her new glasses on Wednesday (January 18th) We got them from Drs. Valu-Vision so we could get the buy one get one free deal, so she would have a pair for school and home. It takes them 1 hour to make them so we went to eat and at around 7p.m.we went back and picked them up. You could see a complete change as soon as she put them on. It was like she didn't have them on, and she didn't touch them.The next day at school her teacher said she done great, although they were still sliding, and that was after 3 different nose pieces were changed out. She has the narrow bridge of her nose. Friday she had a good day and once she got home I put her glasses on her and the poor thing couldn't even play because they were sliding down her nose. So off to the store we went and bought the ugly band, but that ugly band is doing the job!!! She can see and play and she doesn't even realize she has glasses on! Oh I pray that this works and we don't have to do the dreaded eye surgery! 

Here is our cutie with her new specks (the flash on my phone was bright so it caused her to close her eyes)
School glasses

Home glasses

Thursday, January 19, 2012


We went to Wa*mart last night and Andrew bought some train whistles. At first I was puzzled because we hadn't discussed train whistles, and it was very "odd" for him to be buying train whistles. Once in the car I asked him again why he bought train whistles, and he replied watch. He gave them to Ellee and Johannah and at first they didn't know what to do with them, and after several attempts would get a few blows out but they still weren't quite getting the hang of it. They eventually dropped them. When we got home it was time to go to bed so we put them up for the night. After school today I gave them to the girls, Andrew was at work, and it was like something clicked and they both took off with them. They were doing great! I just had to get a video of them doing it and send it to Daddy since he couldn't be here for it.

I want to share those videos with all my bloggy friends :)

Hope you enjoyed :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Medical Update

We spent most of the day Monday and Tuesday at Vanderbilt. Monday was Ellee's 2nd post-op appointment for her ear and a hearing test. She did much better on her hearing test, he still wants to do another test in about 6 months, because she is still healing from the surgery. Andrew was able to go with me to this appointment so it made it much easier. (I could never make it as a single mom lol) On Tuesday, it was me and my mom taking the girls to their appointments, it was again an all day thing at Vandy. First both girls had eye doctors appointments. We got a lot of answers to questions we have been asking since the girls first got home. First lets start with the easy one, Johannah hated her glasses, not the type of hate that she would just take her glasses off or cry when you put them on her, but the type of hate where she would yank them off and twist them. Many times I didn't know if they could be fixed or not but we would take them and the eye doctor would work his magic and they would be fixed, but the last time she twisted them they could not be fixed. I kept telling everyone that I thought it was the wrong prescription, but what we found out was that not only was it the wrong prescription but that she doesn't need glasses at all. Good thing she didn't wear them for very long because it could have potentially hurt her eyes. No wonder she had a fiery, purple passion hate for them things. Next comes Ellee, Ellee tilts her head to the left and we have been asking for months why and what we could do to fix it. Everyone that we went to, besides her pediatrician who didn't know why she was doing it and hoped the eye doctor (the original one we went to) could tell us why. The original one (the non-specialist and the one who prescribed glasses for Johannah didn't need them) Grrr... But when we went to her she said that Ellee did need glasses but glasses wouldn't fix it, it was something she has done for so long and it was just part of her behavior now. again Grrrr... Anyway 1 doctor came in and did Ellee's exam, then another, and then another, and they would converse in a language I did not understand. The third doctor did tell us that he was going to have another doctor come in (the doctor we were actually there to see) because what he sees is that he right eye is higher than her left eye, and she was tilting to compensate and make things straight. we noticed this behavior when she was watching tv, eating, and writing or coloring. She would even turn her paper to make it easier. This third doctor even took a picture (with my permission) and is going to use her in a case study and at a conference that he is going to speak at in May in Chicago. Wish I could be there. Anyway the 4th dr. came in and did her exam and then went over with me what he was going to do. He prescribed glasses that are going to solely concentrate on her right eye. He hopes that this will work and so do I, because if it doesn't work in four months we have to do eye surgery  I don't like to say it, I don't like to write it. It scares me to death. Please please please pray with me she doesn't have to have this, pray the glasses work.

During this appointment, which had already lasted 2 1/2 hours, I had to call the next appointment and let them know we were coming but we could be late. The good thing was we only had to go up a couple of floors to be at the next appointment. We got out of there and went straight to the next appointment and got there just in time. It was 12:25, Johannah's appointment was at 12:30. They hadn't had lunch, no nap, so I had no idea how this appointment was going to go. They call Johannah back and she has a hearing test done. She passed this time, not great but a lot better than before. Again she just had tubes put in so they want to retest her in a couple of months and see how her hearing is then. We go back out to the waiting room. A few minutes later we get called back only to go sit in another waiting room. A about 15 minutes later the nurse comes out gets me and Johannah and we go back to check in. She tells us at that time Dr. G had an emergency in the O.R. and didn't know when he would be in. She checked us in and we went back out to that waiting room which was tiny. The girls, however, done great. They entertained themselves, played with another little boy, played with me phone, waved and blew kisses at everyone that came by. Finally at 2:00 they told us Dr. G was there and they called us back. Finally at 3 Dr. G comes in and sees us. He told us everything looked great.

We left at 3:30... I was meeting a friend of mine who works at Vandy, and who is in our mom's group. I was returning a Signing Time DVD back to her and getting another one. We met up with her and then we went on the search for my van. Which was awful we went to each floor that I thought I parked on, and then finally just as she was going to have to go back to work, I realized I parked on the floor that we were originally on!!!! I was so upset. At this point I was hungry, tired, cranky and on the verge of a breakdown, but the girls they were great! We get to the van, exchange DVDs, say our goodbyes and off we go. I did the ultimate no no and went through a drive-thru and we ate on the way home. Yes in the car... When we finally got home I was exhausted, the girls were exhausted. Johannah was asleep by 6:30, Ellee by 7:00 (they slept all night) and me by 8:00 and I slept all night ;)

Forgot to mention Johannah has to have another sleep study done to see how her apnea is since her tonsils and adenoids being taken out. We hope to schedule that before we move, and we really feel her apnea is gone. So please pray for this too! :)

Thank you all my bloggy friends!

Here is a pic of the girls in their dresses that a wonderful friend of mine sent to them.