Sunday, May 22, 2011

What a week

Yes this is Sunday and as I was just saying to someone I am not getting the best blogger of the year award because frankly I stink at keeping our blog now lol... As you can tell I survived my first week back at work, but wow was it different. I love my job and being back was like I never left, but then when I got home it was a different world. I didn't waste any time at the end of the day to get home, and I had to of the biggest smiles waiting for me and great big hugs, it can't get any better than that. Then I had to cook, clean, and of course give two little beauties a lot of attention. To say the least at night I fell into bed. I was so exhausted at the end of the week. Then the weekend came and we took the girls to sign them up for gymnastics starting in the Fall. I am so excited and I am sure they will be too. They love to dance, and tumble and flip. They loved the gym to!
Today we didn't go to church, Johannah still has a cough and I want to make sure she is 100% before we get around too many people just so she doesn't get anything else. Oh I forgot to mention over last weekend she started to not feel well, and so on Tuesday we took her to the Dr. because she started coughing really bad on Monday night and she didn't get much sleep, and on Tuesday morning she started throwing up, the Dr. told us she had the croup :( So after the first day of steroids and a humidifier in her room she was feeling a little better, and now she is feeling much better. Tonight we had so much fun! While I was cooking supper we danced in the kitchen to toddler tunes and had so much fun! They love music and love to dance! Their little personalities just shine when they dance and sing! I love it and it is these memories are the memories I want to cherish the most!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Going back to work

I have mixed emotions about going back to work tomorrow. I love my job but leaving Ellee and Johannah is going to be super hard. For the last 2 months we have been inseparable. I haven't left them more than 30 minutes and the longest I left them was for an hour and a half because I had to go to the dentist. But tomorrow it will be all day. It will only be for a couple of weeks, until school is out, and then we get to be home for the Summer together. Of course then they start school and then I will be really sad. What makes it even harder to leave is that both girls are still not feeling great. They are both feeling better but their not 100% so it makes me sad to leave them knowing that they aren't feeling well. I will also miss my snuggle time with each of them in the morning. Normally it is Johannah first because she has an internal alarm clock that goes off at the same time every morning and so we snuggle for a little while and then she gets down and goes and plays. Then Ellee gets up and she comes straight to me and crawls up in my life and she snuggles up really close. Then we start our day. I'm going to stop now before I get really really really sad! 
It is hard to believe that we will be home 2 months tomorrow too. It has been like they have always been here. I mean I remember my days in U but they are becoming a distant memory, not one that I will ever forget, but one that I will probably only remember and talk about when people ask. 
I am going to end my blog post with some prayer requests tonight: My wonderful friend Amber's baby girl, with Down Syndrome, is back in the hospital tonight. They can't stop her vomiting. Please pray for comfort and answers. My friend Sonda had a beautiful baby boy a couple of days ago and he passed away this morning. Pray for comfort for this family. My friend Jennifer's grandfather is in the hospital. Please pray for him and their family during the days to recovery. Pray for our Nation, pray for our world leaders, pray for our local leaders, Pray for our Military who fight so hard so you and I can be free and we are free to pray because of them, Pray that God's will be done in all of our lives!  

Friday, May 13, 2011

Warrior 5/5/5

In many countries and particularly in the country of my sweet Andrey S which you can see here, at the age of 4 many of the children born with any type of special needs are sent to an ADULT mental institution where the statistics show they die within the first year. I can not even imagine this but we know the all too realness of this situation when our own Ellee was looking at being sent to an adult mental institution if we didn't get to her fast enough. We were blessed enough to get to her in time and she never had to see the inside of one but many children don't get that. Many beautiful children are sent to a mental institution and their spirits are broke, they don't get enough food, they are left in baby beds all day where they get little to no interaction from others. If you are reading this and thinking what can I do. We first you can pray! Pray that these children find homes and loving families. Then you can donate many times the reason people don't adopt is because of the cost. And last but certaintly not least you can look into adoption yourself. Children are a heritage of the Lord and every child deserves a family!!! If you would like to learn more about adoption or make a donation go here!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Wow!!! My first Mother's Day was great and full of blessings!!! For so long I longed to be a Mother! I prayed to be a Mother! And God knew the exact timing and how exactly it would have and it couldn't be more perfect!!! Our morning started out by going to church, and my Mommy went with us. I am so blessed with such a  wonderful Mom and hope that I can be half the mom that she is! Once at church the girls along with several other new "babies" in the church were dedicated. What could be a better gift than dedicating our Girls to the Lord and let them know that we are here to help them grow and blossom in their relationship with Christ. Then after church we went out to eat, and after a great lunch, we came home and took a nap! I never get to take a nap and today I did and it was great! ;) What made it even better was one of my littles was asleep in my arms :) After a great nap we just kinda hung out around the house and just enjoyed Family time and relaxing!
I am completely blessed and can not imagine my life without my girls in my life! They make getting up each day so much better! The one thing I told someone today was I waited so long to be a Mother and to be able to celebrate Mother's Day for myself and it couldn't have been more perfect. I have 2 little blessings that giggle and laugh, give the best kisses and  hugs, and are the light of my life!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!
Me and my beautiful girls

Me, My beautiful Mommy, and My beautiful Girls! :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Johannah turns 4

Johannah turned 4 today!!! I am so very blessed to have her home with us and that we were able to have her (and Ellee) HOME so that we could celebrate and have a real birthday for her. This time last year she was sitting in an orphanage and she didn't get to have a day of celebrating all her own, a birthday dinner, cake and ice cream, presents, but this year she is HOME!!! We started the day off by her crawling in bed with me at around 7 this morning and me telling her Happy Birthday, and she has the best grin every time she wakes up it is so big and so full of life, and then her daddy called her around 9 and told her Happy Birthday, and then Nana called. When I got her dressed I pinned her Birthday Girl pin on her and she wore it proudly all day! We then went out to dinner, and then when we got home we done cake and ice cream and presents. At first she was not all about touchy the cake, she is my girly girl and my mom likes to remind me that she takes after me because I don't like to get dirty and that's ok with me ;) After a few minutes though she was stuffing that cake and had a mess by the time she was done. Thank goodness tonight was bath night if it hadn't of been it would have been lol Today has been a great day and again I can't say how thankful we are and how blessed we are with our precious angels home!