Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Moving forward....hopefully, prayerfully :)

We have had to redo several forms for one reason or another, either the notary's expiration date was within six months, or the notary messed up somehow, or our doctor does the whole physical and then decides she doesn't want to sign the form. We then get another doctor and he doesn't mind signing the form, but does mind giving us a copy of his medical license, his exacts words were, "I don't really want to give you or the Ukrainian government a copy of my medical license." I was devastated but he did end up giving us a copy. The next bump in the road came when the CSP/POA's that we sent off to be apostilled several months ago didn't come in and then when I called they told me that they had sat them to the side and completely forgot all about them, with their apologies and their promise to get them out within the next day or two, I hung up the phone. They kept to their promise I received them in the mail on Saturday, with a letter enclosed stating the could not complete the request because they required a separate form for each document. Ugh really could you have not told me this on the phone. OK so yesterday was Memorial Day so everything was closed, so first thing this morning Andrew went to the court house and requested the forms 12 of them to be exact and he explained to them why we were needing them and to see if they would give us a break on the fee, NOPE they sure wouldn't it was another 60 bucks. WOW really, I am a hard working citizen who pays taxes and you can't give a break. OK so Andrew got them and sent them out again. So we shall see.... Sorry for the complaining but this is called "Journey with the Lane's" lol sorry had to try to throw some humor in there... That's all for now, let's pray that we get them back this week and they are ready to send to Yulia!

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