Saturday, June 19, 2010

No laughing....

Ok for everyone who is reading this there is no laughing aloud :) Last night we had to go to the airport to pick up our niece. As we pulled into the airport and I saw the sign that said Nashville International Airport I got butterflies in my stomach, knowing that in no time we are going to be going to that airport to head out and meet our beautiful daughters. As we were waiting for her flight to come in I was thinking about all the pictures I needed or someone else was going to need to make. A picture of the flight departing for the first time, and then of course a pic of the flight landing. Then the time came for us to leave and I was sad. (I told you all not to laugh lol) I was sad because I was leaving and going home and not on a plane where I would like to be because I am so ready to go and see my girls. But let me just add that I am happy because our neice is here and she is a blast to have here.

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