Wednesday, June 9, 2010

CSP/POA's on their way!!!

So yesterday's post you saw where we received our apostilled CSP/POA's and we thought we were going to be able to send them off yesterday. We called around to find the best price to send them and it ranged anywhere from 90 dollars to 191 dollars. Wow are you kidding me, just to get some forms over there. Yes it is very worth it but I spending my children's college fund here :) just kidding but it is crazy. So Andrew called Fed-Ex and they quoted him 30 dollars, we thought that was awesome, but then we got there and they wanted to charge us 130 dollars. Again are you kidding me! So we waited until today and we sent them through the US mail and hello 34 dollars. Sometimes big companies make me mad!!!! Ok stepping down off my soap box now.


Kirsten said...

Hi! I know what you mean, we ended up sending our CSP's and POA's thru USPS and it only cost $2.o8. We were not able to track it because they said they don't track to foreign countries, but I'm not sure that is quite right. But they did end up getting that is good! I haven't seen your blog til today and am planning on following! Your girls are beautiful!! We are adopting 2 little girls thru RR too! :)

Jlane said...

Really your USPS doesn't track it? Ours did and we live in a SMALL town lol. I am glad they made it safely because we have had to redo several forms and I couldn't imagine having to redo forms that have already been apostilled and sent over. Thank you for following. They are beautiful, but I think I am parcial. Your girls are beautiful also!!! I am following your blog and can't wait to hear about your journey.