Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jamaica, Jamaica Ny that is :)

So I got up this morning to check on our CSP/POA's and they are in Jamaica...Jamaica NY lol...As of right now they are probably somewhere as of now but there are no new updates. I can't wait until they get there, they should have actually been there over a month ago, but since everyone makes mistakes they aren't.

As I am writing this it is 12:23 P.M. here and where my beautiful daughters are it is 5:24 P.M. I can't help but wonder if they are eating dinner and if they are what are they eating. I also think about how many times today they have been hugged, if at all. I think about if they have been bathed. Wow so many thoughts are running through my mind right now. Geeze I can't wait to get them home so I know that all of these things are being done.

Please continue to pray for our Yard-Sale this weekend. Please pray that it is a success because we still have so far to go, but we know that God will provide!

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