Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Good news today

Today we got good news. We had to call Andrew's insurance company to get a form from his insurance company stating that the girls' could be covered under his insurance. They will actually be covered under mine since mine is so much better, but for our home study they require that they have a statement from both companies. He called today and at first they told us that they would probably not be able to be covered under his insurance because it is a pre-existing condition. She told him to let her look through and then give him a call back and let him know. She called back a little while later and said that it will not be considered a pre-existing condition because we are adopting, and that falls under the birth/adoption clause how great is that.

Now if we could just get more good news. We are trying to get another fundraiser together and it has not been going good, but I know God is good and that is all that matters!!! Still praying and believing in faith!

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Jennifer said...

That is great news! You also reminded me that I need to call my insurance company. I've been meaning to do that for weeks. Let me know about your next fundraiser. I'm sure it will be great!