Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 5

I didn’t sleep very well last night and I think it was
because of all the excitement in store for the day. I woke up at 3:00 sitting
straight up in the bed like I missed something. I laid there for another 30
minutes before deciding that I was just going to get up. Andrew was sleeping so
well and I laid there all restless so I thought it would be best for the both
of us if I just get up. So I got up and got some water when I realized its 7:30
at home Monday night chat! So I jumped on and everyone of course was shocked
that I was up lol but I stayed on for about an hour and a half. Then finally I
decided I needed to lie back down, because today was going to be a busy day. I
laid there until 7:00 and when I finally fell asleep the alarm went off, I turned
it off think I would lay there just a little while longer, and I laid there
until 10:00. JoAnn called me because we were going to meet with her before we
left so we could give her some food and stuff that we couldn’t take with us. We
got up and got ready and were out the door by 11:30. We headed to JoAnn’s
apartment, but we passed it, we finally realized what we had done so we set off
back towards her apartment, I had to call her because we couldn’t find it so
she said she would meet us outside, and of course about the time that she was
coming out the door we had found it lol. So then we went to the little pizza
place that is across the street from TGIF, and ate lunch there, and boy was it
good and CHEAP!  After we got done eating
JoAnn’s cell phone rang and it was Mary Malone, they were meeting up for lunch,
so we left and JoAnn showed us to the outdoor market and then she went on her
way to meet Mary. Andrew and I browsed around the market a little and we found
a stand that sold fresh fruit, and the guy and his wife were so lovely. They
tried to understand us while we were trying to understand them, and it was
great we worked together to understand each other. We got some wonderful fresh
fruits from him so that we could have it on the train to eat, because we
weren’t going to have time for dinner or breakfast (Wednesday) because once we
get to the girls region we will hit the ground running and get things done and
then meet the girls. YAY!!! Once we were paying for our fruit and nuts the
gentleman gave me a Ukrainian pear, he said you must try this. They were so
very sweet! Once we left the market we headed to the bakery to pick up some
bread so we could have peanut butter sandwiches for supper. (Umm word of advice
if you plan on having peanut butter sandwiches on the train make sure you find
some plastic silverware so you have something to spread the peanut butter onto
the break otherwise you end up dipping the bread into the pb and eating it that
way lol) We went back to the apartment so we could pack our stuff and wait for
Yulia to give us a call. After we packed I called my mom on Skype and talked
with her for a
few minutes, and after I got off with her, Yulia
called and said the taxi would be there in 15 minutes to pick us up to take us
to the SDA where Niko would pick us up and take us to the train. We got to the
SDA to get our referrals and we had to wait a little while before they had them
done. We met another American family there adopting, they aren’t a RR family,
but they were there to get a referral on a precious little one too. Once we got
our referrals we headed out. Niko took us driving around town a little bit
looking at different things until he could get some other papers from Serge.
Once he got the paperwork from Serge he took us to the train station. And boy
is this a train station. Wow it is huge!!! Very nice and very pretty and very
huge! lol Niko took us to our train and then took us to our cart where he told
us the things that would be happening. A few minutes before our train was set
to leave Niko left. Our train was scheduled to leave at 6:40 and it left right
at 6:40. It has not been as bad as I thought it would be. It has actually been
pretty nice. Not bad at all. It is one of those things where you stress and
stress and stress about something and then boom it is nothing what you expected
and you think why did I worry so much about that. LOL so for all of you who
told me you can say “I told ya so”

We are
scheduled to arrive in the girls region at 9:50 a.m. and we should meet them
shortly after. (Since we don’t have internet on the train you will actually see
this after we have met the girls!

I can’t believe we are
finally meeting our girls!!! Oh my Goodness!!!

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