Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 4

We woke up early this morning to get ready for our SDA appointment. While Andrew was getting ready I called my mom on Skype and talk with her for a few minutes. (Can anyone tell I am a momma's girl? Just wondering lol) I got off Skype with her and then I got ready. Niko came to pick us up, and we headed to the SDA, I guess they don't open till 9 because we had to sit there for a little while. Then all of a sudden the window in the car next to us rolled down, and Niko and mystery man started talking. Niko then told us to get out of his car and get into this mystery man's car. Ok we did it, with hesitation lol, but we did it. We then got in and I recognized him right away. It was Serge! :) Well Niko left and we sat and talked with Serge for a few minutes before we headed to the gate to go into the SDA. Gate was locked, and we were freezing, Serge made a call, and then a guard came out to open the gate. Ok has anyone ever seen those movies with the really old dungeon gates with the really old locks? Well this is how it was. I guess it was so cold they wouldn't unlock so we got to go in the front door and thank goodness because it was FREEZING outside. We went in and we sat down at a table and a young lady came to the table. She introduced herself and then Serge translated for us. She is our social worker. She opened the girls files and told us about their history. She then showed us the cutest baby pictures ever! Oh my goodness did the tears start then. Our SDA appointment was quick and painless lol... They asked us questions about what we do and why we wanted to adopt special needs. We answered our questions and we were on our way. Niko dropped us back off at the apartment, and by that time we were starving so we went back to old faithful, the coffeshop down the road from us. We wanted something light because we would be eating at tgifridays with The Malone's, The Priests, and JoAnn Torres. After we ate lunch we headed back to the apartment where again it is warm, because the high here today was 13 brrr. At this time I was actually able to call my mom and hear her voice, because see when we Skype I can't hear or see her because it is messed up on her end, so I talk she types. So we added a little money on our Skype, which by the way is really cheap, and I was able to call and hear her voice. Yay!!! Once I got off with her, I laid down for a nap. I slept about an hour and a half. After I got up I face booked some more and then it was time to leave. We met up with the Priests because we still don't really know where we are going and they do which is great! Once we got to tgifridays JoAnn Torres met us and then shortly after them the Malone's met us. Their court ran over. We had a great time. Little Artem the Priests newly adopted son is gorgeous and a ball of fun! We had a great time of fellowship full of laughter and story telling. We are now back at the apartment getting ready to pack things up so we can head out on the train and head to the girls region. I can not believe in 2 days I will be holding my beautiful girls!!! God is so good and so faithful and gives you more than you could ever imagine. He blesses you beyond measure. Now who wants to see pictures???
Journey to Ellee and Johannah Day 3 002Ellee isn’t she beautiful!!!
Journey to Ellee and Johannah Day 3 003 Johannah and isn’t she beautiful!
Pray for us tomorrow as we take the train ride to the girl’s region. It will probably be a couple of days before we are able to post again.


The McEacherns said...

Glad your appointment went so well. Often the SDA will give you the baby pictures if you supply them with updated photos of the kids. Your facilitator should be able to help you out with that. Blessings!

Sarah said...

Sweet, sweet babies, Jennifer! Good luck on the train ride...Can't wait to see the post's from good old #31. :) I can't believe your're actually going to be there in just two days!!! Yay!

Ann said...

OH! Jennifer they are just adorable:)Many Blessing being sent "over the pond" as my hubby says. We will keep praying for your trip.

Anne said...

What a precious gift to see their baby pictures! can't wait to see pics when they are officially yours!!!

Anne Ross

Nan and Dan said...

love the baby pics!!!
praying for quick train ride :)
can not wait to see pics of your new babies!!!!!!
good luck!! have fun!!! enjoy it!!

Jennifer said...

I love the baby pictures. THey are so beautiful! I can't wait to hear how the train ride went. I hope you brought dramamine so you can sleep like I did. I'm so excited you will be seeing your girls soon!!!

David and Carolyn said...

How exciting... you're getting closer to the big day!! Don't forget to use the blankets on the "sleep torture" train to cover up the heaters. Or wear your swimsuits it's hot in there. It's all worth isn't it though :) can't wait to see the meet-cha day

Renee said...

excited for you Jennifer, your girls are precious. I can only imagine what must be going on in that heart of yours, so exciting.

Nan and Dan said...

you should be on the infamous train right now :)
I hope you are sleeping! and not using the blankets :)
good luck tomorrow!!
relax, take a breathe and meet your kids!!

Bobbie said...

Oooooo - I have goosebumps thinking about you getting to meet your girls! And what beautiful girls they are! You go girl! Hee, hee - so Happy for you!