Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 15 (Part II)

Yes I know i'm late lol...

We had court and it went great. We got there around 8:45 our time was supposed to be at 9:10 but the judge didn't make it until 9:30 and we didn't get started until 10. Violetta told us this was the norm, and it really wasn't bad waiting. Was able to chat with Violetta and get to know her better, learn more about the court system in U. Once we got started, the judge asked us to tell about ourselves, and then asked us why we wanted to adopt these girls, and if we understood their diagnosis etc. There were some witnesses from the orphanage, social services, and the orphanage, and they all testified on our behalf. After they were don't testifying the judge read our documents and then with a ginormous smile on her face announced us their parents. Oh my gosh what a great feeling it was to hear her say those words, and to announce their names, oh my goodness!!! Of course after she done that the waterworks began.
After leaving the courts we went to the orphanage to pick up some docs, and then to the notary to have Andrew signs a POA over to me so I can do things without him. Then we went to the train station to pick up Andrew's ticket to head to Kiev on Saturday. After all that running around it was time to come back to the apartment where we were staying to pack up and head to Christina's apartment, where I will be staying until I get the girls. She is great, she is another adopting mom, and her hubby left last week, so we are going to stay together until she actually leaves this coming up week, and then I will totally be on my own. I called her to let her know that we were on our way and she told me that when she had went to the orphange earlier to see her little guy, that Johannah had saw her and started looking for us, and when she realized we weren't there she just cried and cried, and when she went back 2 hours later her eyes were really red :( Then Luba (adopting Sophie through RR) went to get Sophie and Ellee saw her and got really upset that we weren't there too. :( It breaks my heart knowing that my girls wanted me and I wasn't there, but (please no hate mail) makes me know that they want me too. They have bonded with us, and know that we are mama and papa.
After getting settled into the apartment, we had some lunch, and then headed to the orphanage. When we got there we went to Johannah's groupa first and they were still sleeping so they wouldn't let us get her, and so we went to Ellee's groupa and she was laying in her bed but not asleep, she sat straight up in her bed, but waited until the caretakers said she could get up and when they did she took off running, and was squealing and so excited. She latched onto her daddy and would not let go. We went to the playroom and started playing, and about 10 or so minutes later I heard the pitter patter of little feet and Johannah came through the door. At first she was having nothing to do with us, she was giving us this look, as how dare you not come see me this morning and then all of a sudden she squealed really loud and that was it. She latched a hold of me and then her daddy, and we went back and forth with both girls, like this for the next 2 hours. At the end of our visit we had to take them back to their groupas and they would NOT let go of us and the caretakers had to basically pry them off of us. Bless their hearts!!!

All in all a great day, and the 10 day wait starts. But they are ours!!! Now presenting....
                                                                      Ellee Elizaveta Lane
                                                                     Johannah Dasha Lane


David and Carolyn said...

Beautiful pictures!!! Thank you for blessing us this morning!

Jennifer said...

Glad all went well. You had a different judge than we did. We had a man. Love the pictures of those Lane girls :)