Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 3

We have made it through day 2 :) We haven't starved which is a plus for me because I am so picky, but I have been trying new things and they have actually been really good. Day 2 consisted of us getting up and going out and getting some breakfast, which was at McDonalds and it was different but good. We then came back to the apartment because it is very cold outside right now, and there is ice on the ground. I fell back asleep around 10:30 and slept until 2:30 I think I am suffering from a little bit of jet lag, but for the most part I feel pretty good. I am hoping to go to bed at what time I would go to bed at home and sleep all night. After I woke up we ventured back out and we tried to find the Ukrainian buffet that Niko suggested but we never found that so we walked in the direction we walked this morning and found what we thought was an italian restaurant but it wasn't it was a coffee shop but they served really good sandwhiches. We then went and found the little store, which would be like a dollar store in America, and bought some toilet paper because we didn't have anymore in our apartment. We then came back to our apartment because again it is super windy out there and really COLD! So we are now in our apartment where it is warm and you can hear the wind blowing really hard outside.
On a side note the birds here are huge, and come right down on you almost! Ugh anyone that knows me knows I don't like birds so this freaks me out a little bit, but nothing I can't handle. As long as I don't get pooped on I'm ok lol :)
Our SDA appointment is 9 a.m. in the morning and then we are going to meet with JoAnn Torres and The Priests tomorrow at TGIF and maybe the Malones. I can't wait to meet all of them and little Artem.


Penny @ said...

glad you're eating! =) sounds exciting! hugs and prayers!

Jennifer said...

Glad you are venturing out and about. We had such a fabulous time while we wandered around. Although it was MUCH warmer when we were there :)
I didn't realize you don't like birds - I am petrified of birds. I hate when they swoop down on you. Oh and I never got pooped on by a bird until I was in EE at the orphanage. Darn thing!!! I never saw it coming. It was SO GROSS!!!YUCK!!!

Jennifer Lane said...

I HATE HATE HATE birds!!! LOL I have been pooped on twice before and I fear that happening again, and you've seen the size of these birds!!! ahhhh

Sarah said...

I'm joining in with the bird-hate! I can't handle the aviary at our local zoo b/c the birds fly around free. *shudder* I got attacked by a guinea when I was a kid and that just messed my stuff up about birds forever. I'm also terrified of chickens, and we had a commercial chicken farm when I was growing up so...yeah, that probably explain a lot about me! LOL. I'm loving the travel diaries, Jennifer! Can't wait to read about the SDA appt.!