Friday, September 3, 2010

sorry blog followers

I wanted to first say I am sorry for not blogging lately, been super busy with getting everything ready for our final visits with our SW. Yes I said final visits!!!! She came to our house on Tuesday and we had a great visit then we had to drive 3 hours to where she is located at on Thursday. We did our seperate interviews and then our interview together. To say the least it was interesting. It was a great visit though and she said that she is going to try to get everything done by Tuesday that way we can get everything in and finished. We are praying for an early appointment with the USCIS and a quick approval. We are almost finished and then we will go get to see our beautiful daughters! God is so good to us and we forget to say thank you for all the little blessings and big blessings that he provides in our lives daily. I need to remember to thank him more, and remember if it weren't for him then we would not be able to say that we are blessed with two beautiful daughters!

Please keep us in your prayers! :)

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