Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The waiting....

Waiting really is what we have been doing since the journey to our two beautiful daughters has started. Whether it is waiting on documents to come in the mail, dr. appointments, MONEY, home study, or the USCIS. Oh and can we say the deadlines that go with the waiting, oh and the forms making sure they are correct oh and the redoing of documents when their incorrect. Ok so this post sounds like I am complaining by no means am I doing that, but what I am saying is that God has taught me patience.
Right now we are waiting on the USCIS and getting our fingerprint appointments, along with the deadline that we need to meet so we can go get our beautiful daughters. Have you ever been so close to something, and it seem like you will never get there. A lot of hurdles have been thrown our way during our journey, some that we knew would come up others that we didn't, but God has been there the whole time with us and helping us to get over them all. I am just so ready to go get my beautiful daughters and have them home with us. They have a mommy and daddy who are ready to shower them with all the love that we have to give, a brother and sister who can't wait to be a big brother and a big sister, grandparents who can't wait to spoil them rotten, aunts and uncles both biological and adoptive that can't wait to love on them and spoil them rotten, and so much more.

Please pray that we hear something from the USCIS this week or beginning of next!!! My God is bigger than any hurdle and he has called us to these two beautiful little girls and for these two beautiful little girls to be apart of our family!

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