Saturday, September 25, 2010

Keep Shopping (my guilt trip post) ;)

Look at those faces how could you resist not shopping and helping bring them home! :)
Due to a mix-up in dates Sarah has graciously extended the time on the pendant fundraiser until tonight at midnight...So this means you still have time to shop to help bring home two beautiful little girls! How many times can you say that you are shopping to make a difference, this shopping adventure will actually make the difference in 2 little girls lives...Sarah helps so many families to have fundraisers as a way to help bring home their children and she is helping us by helping us to bring home our girls and so can you so please go shop at

Please go shop and make the difference in 2 little girls lives and our life as well.


Jennifer said...

What beautiful pictures :) And who is that little girl being attacked as your little one smiles away...could it be Milana??? hee hee
Oh I can't wait til you get those girls home so we can get them back together. They will LOVE it. Ok...we will too!!! Good luck with the fundraiser. Buy people!!! Buy!!! Help bring those gorgeous girls home. And believe me - they are amazing little girls!!!

Jlane said...

Poor Milana and that look on Johannah's face. And we will love it. I can't wait to see how they interact together :)