Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What has been going on since we got our date....

All through our journey we have hit bumps but we have overcome them all. I have heard many other adoptive families say that satan really attacked once they committed and I can attest to that because we have been attacked at almost every corner. Could he attack us more, could it be worse? Sure it could be, but my God is bigger!!! We got our travel date last Monday and I couldn't have been more excited, but wouldn't you know satan would be waiting around the corner to try to drag me down. My mom called me that afternoon and told me that my dad needed to go to the hospital, so I rushed over and we decided that it would be best for him to go by ambulance. After 6 hours at the hospital they decided to admit him. So for the past week we went back and forth to the hospital. The Dr came in on Sunday and said that he was going to release him on Monday pending that he felt ok. On Monday (yesterday) he was released and he came home. He is not his self and that really worries me. I am so scared, ultimately I know my dad is in God's hands but the selfish part of me wants my dad around forever and especially a lot longer than now.

Satan is also attacking my faith. We went into our adoption journey on faith. Every bit of money that we have received thus far has been because God has come through with some check that we didn't know we were going to get or through a blessing of someone giving us a gift. We are now at 5 weeks before we travel and we are still short about $13,000. Is that a lot yes, it is a lot for one person but it is not a lot for God and his army. We aren't asking for a huge donation but we are asking that if you can give please give. This goes to help bring home 2 beautiful little girls, and save them from the unthinkable! If you can/will give a donation you can make a tax deductible donation @ www.reecesrainbow.org/sponsorlane.html or you can make a direct donation to us by click here. Please also continue to pray for us and ecspecially the girls and every other family who is in the adoption process!

Thank you all so much!!!

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