Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CD Photo Session

This is mainly for local friends, unless you want to drive to have a photo session, which by the way she is so worth it. I love seeing all of Pam's new pictures that she posts, she does such great work. I wish I had an eye for photography like she does.

You get a 2 hour CD session (any type of session
The location of your choice (local of course)
and as many outfit changes in that time frame

Chances are $5.00 for 6 chances or $1 a piece


Jennifer said...

You are so creative. I just love all your raffle ideas!

Sarah said...

Darn it, wish I lived closer! I hope y'all get pics of your girls like the one with the girl smelling the yellow flower when you get them home. That's just too sweet. :)

Anne said...

my name is Anne Ross and I am a friend of Andrea's and supporter and advocate for RR since Andrea came up with idea when we both lived in Georgia. I am also the mother to a precious little guy with DS, Joshua, who is 5. He is my joy and these childen are truly a gift. I just donated $100 to your fund, actually I donated 110 to cover paypal fees. I have been putting your info on my FB page and hoping people will donate. I so badly want to adopt a little girl ( I have two boys) but the hubby is not on board with this.. so I help other financially as often as I can..
Anyway, I am praying GOD will provide all you need..
Anne Ross
mom to Joshua,5 DS

Jennifer Lane said...

Thank you Anne!!! I sent you an email! :)

Anne said...

Hi Jennifer,
you are more than welcome, I wish I had millions to bring all of them home! I did not get your email, this often happens with my email, not sure why. My email is anno007@msn.com
the first part are all letters, and the 007, are numbers, I think people mistake the zeros in 007 for the letter O. Anyway, try resending the email, would love to read it!
Anne :)