Saturday, February 25, 2012

Miracles really do happen

A few weeks ago Rachel (another adoptive mommy from RR) asked me if we would like to get together before we move and I said yes so she said she would ask another adoptive mommy Lyndi if she would also like to get together and what day works best. So we chose today, and we were calling it an "Orphan No More Party" Another really big part of today was 1 year ago today Andrew and I stood in front of a judge and she pronounced us the parents of Ellee Elizaveta Lane and Johannah Dasha Lane. One of the best days of our life! So today couldn't have been a better day to have a play date and for us to celebrate! (even though some of it was sad because we are moving so far away from them) To see 5 former Ukrainian orphans all in the same room, seeing so much change in all of them, and seeing the love that everyone of them had in their eyes. People that say miracles don't exist or don't happen anymore should have been in that room today, but since they weren't I have a picture that proves Miracles really do happen and they happen everyday all around the world!


ginaology said...

How spectacular! 5 less orphans. Wonderful photo! I'm so glad you were all able to get together!

Nikki said...

How awesome!

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