Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lost one

I have been planning on doing a post for a while and everytime I sit down to write one something else comes up and I get sidetracked and by the time I get done I am ready for bed.
The girls are doing really great. We had neck x-rays done last week and those come out normal Praise God! So they will start gymnastics in August! :) At that Dr.s appt. we also found out that both girls have severely clogged up ears, so I am having to put medicine in their ears and we go back on Monday and the Dr. is going to clean them out again.
Johannah had croup a few weeks ago and Ellee had some type of 24 hour viral bug. They are both well now Praise God!
Umm what else is there...

 The beautiful dresses were made by my friend Denise :)


Sarah said...

CUTE girls, cute dresses! Gymnastics sound like so much fun. :)

Jennifer said...

Love the dresses! So happy to see new pics and a little update. Glad all is well :)

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CUTE Girls, love your pics... Thanks
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ginaology said...