Friday, June 24, 2011

Johannah's audiology appointment

Took Johannah to the audiologist today, Ellee is due to go back but because of the massive ear wax the Dr. doesn't want to have her hearing checked until the can get an accurate reading, so Johannah was the only one that had an appointment today. She done really good and was really patient with the doctor. After doing several tests on her the audiologist told me that Johannah has a lot of fluid built up on both of her ears and she said it was a cause for concern, so she wanted Johannah seen by her Dr. as soon as possible. So I called the Dr. as soon as I left and he said her wanted her seen tomorrow but not by him because he is not on call. So we are seeing another Dr. in the office, we have seen her once before, and she is really good. She will either prescribe an antibiotic for her or to see Dr. Moore about getting tubes. We will know more tomorrow. I'm not completely opposed to tubes, there are many benefits to tubes, of course there is the release of the fluid, there is also the benefits of speech. On the flip side of that I am worried and will probably freak out if he says she needs tubes, but I want whatever is best for her and whatever will help her. Please pray for her and pray for what will be best for her.


Rochelle said...

Praying for her and for your heart.
Tube surgery is super easy truly minutes. Alayna had tonsils, adenoids and tubes last November and her suregery was less than 25 minutes. It made a huge difference in speech even though she was hearing in the normal range and talking already.

Sarah said...

We are tube pros at our house! Call me if you need to chat. :)