Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Johannah turns 4

Johannah turned 4 today!!! I am so very blessed to have her home with us and that we were able to have her (and Ellee) HOME so that we could celebrate and have a real birthday for her. This time last year she was sitting in an orphanage and she didn't get to have a day of celebrating all her own, a birthday dinner, cake and ice cream, presents, but this year she is HOME!!! We started the day off by her crawling in bed with me at around 7 this morning and me telling her Happy Birthday, and she has the best grin every time she wakes up it is so big and so full of life, and then her daddy called her around 9 and told her Happy Birthday, and then Nana called. When I got her dressed I pinned her Birthday Girl pin on her and she wore it proudly all day! We then went out to dinner, and then when we got home we done cake and ice cream and presents. At first she was not all about touchy the cake, she is my girly girl and my mom likes to remind me that she takes after me because I don't like to get dirty and that's ok with me ;) After a few minutes though she was stuffing that cake and had a mess by the time she was done. Thank goodness tonight was bath night if it hadn't of been it would have been lol Today has been a great day and again I can't say how thankful we are and how blessed we are with our precious angels home!


Scrappy quilter said...

Happy Birthday sweet baby girl. That cake is beautiful. It does look like she is enjoying it at the end. Thanks for sharing such a precious day with us. Hugs

Loving the Mommy Life said...

I'm so glad she was home to celebrate! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

The Tiny Team said...

These girls are so so lucky! It is so apparent how much they are just loved and adored by you guys! You two are such an amazing example of loving parents!