Saturday, April 30, 2011

Big Day!!!!

We started out our day by going to the Special Olympics and it was wonderful. All of the kiddos done such a great job and I couldn't be more proud of them! Ellee and Johannah really enjoyed it and Ellee even practiced for when it is her turn to do Special Olympics, she went right up to the tiers 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and went right to the 1st place ;) After a wonderful time at Special Olympics a group of us met up at Chick-fila and ate lunch. It was great because several of our group hadn't met the girls yet. The girls of course was spoiled and was hamming it up ;)
When we got home we decided to go get the girls ears pierced! It was exciting I think more for me than them lol They did great though! They have not tugged on them or anything since having them and let me touch them and turn and clean them without a problem. I am proud!!! :)
Here are a few pics from our day!!!
My cool girl

Johannah talking on the "phone" camera :)

Ellee cheering on one of the students competing

Mother hen :)

Before getting her ears pierced 

I had to post this one because look at Andrew's face 

After her ears were pierced 

Before Johannah got her ears pierced 

After and because my husband had the camera we didn't get one of Johannah smiling but it was like 10 seconds and she was smiling again!

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Luba said...

So good to see them and your weather looks so nice and sunny. We need some of that here!! Glad the girls are doing so well. Good job mama! Lord bless you.