Friday, May 13, 2011

Warrior 5/5/5

In many countries and particularly in the country of my sweet Andrey S which you can see here, at the age of 4 many of the children born with any type of special needs are sent to an ADULT mental institution where the statistics show they die within the first year. I can not even imagine this but we know the all too realness of this situation when our own Ellee was looking at being sent to an adult mental institution if we didn't get to her fast enough. We were blessed enough to get to her in time and she never had to see the inside of one but many children don't get that. Many beautiful children are sent to a mental institution and their spirits are broke, they don't get enough food, they are left in baby beds all day where they get little to no interaction from others. If you are reading this and thinking what can I do. We first you can pray! Pray that these children find homes and loving families. Then you can donate many times the reason people don't adopt is because of the cost. And last but certaintly not least you can look into adoption yourself. Children are a heritage of the Lord and every child deserves a family!!! If you would like to learn more about adoption or make a donation go here!


David and Carolyn said...

Thank you Jennifer for being an advocate for all these dear children. Mason Is heavy on my heart and we're prayer warriors for him.The power of prayer is sometimes overlooked so again thank you :)

Jennifer said...

Andrey S is such a cutie. I love that you are trying to raise funds for this little sweetie! It is so sad what happens to these children. They are so amazing and truly bring so much to our lives.