Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Firsts :)

Today was a day of firsts for Ellee and Johannah. We started our morning off by going to the dentist. Both girls done great, again no pics of the dentist office because I had to hold them both, and Andrew had to work :( They both got a great check-up and cleaning and I was told that both of their teeth look good, and we don't have to go back until October! Yay!!! One of the first things I done after they left the orphanage was brushed their teeth. So I am really glad that we got good news and nothing major going on! Then after we left the dentist we headed to pick up the girls new glasses. They are both doing really great with them. They pulled on them at first, but after a couple of times of me telling them no, they have stopped pulling on them. They look so cute in them, the only downfall is that it makes them look older :( We do have to change out the temple pieces because they slide down their little noses because both of the noses are narrow. They had to order them so hopefully they will be in either the end of this week or first of next week. And last but not least the other biggie today was Ellee DRANK out of a straw!!!!!! We have been working with her for several weeks now, because she doesn't have very good sucking reflexes, and tonight at dinner Andrew got her to drink from the straw! I was so proud we celebrated right there in I*op :) Today has been an Amazing day and I am so proud and so blessed!!!

P.S. sorry these pics are the best but I took them on my phone in the kitchen and because it has been storming here so it was dark and then the lighting was horrible in my kitchen so I hope to get better pics tomorrow. :)

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Loving the Mommy Life said...

Our little one with Down Syndrome that is 4 wears glasses too. We've found that Miraflex glasses work best. You can look them up online and a good office will order them for you. They work on the little noses and have a good strap to keep them steady. They also are made of a soft (and cute) plastic that comes in various colors. A complete pair was $155 dollars including lenses when I checked to buy an extra pair beyond what our insurance was buying. :) You may find that you need to go there. They fit better usually and they are virtually indestructable. :)

Your girls are looking mighty cute! I'm glad their dental visit went well. :)