Monday, November 22, 2010

The post everyone has been waiting on since our rollercoaster ride started on Saturday

As you know we found out on Saturday that we had mistakenly sent 2 copies of my state background check... Our fault for not triple checking and being in such a hurry, but the state guys fault for giving us 2 copies of mine instead of one of mine and one of Andrews, which he later corrected with sending us 2 copies of Andrew's and we received on Thursday. But we still didn't know anything was wrong with our paperwork until Saturday and didn't realize he had sent us 2 copies of Andrew's until Saturday. Now with all that said, we are determined people, we know God has called us to adopt Ellee and Johannah and nothing will stand in God's way! We have a great team who works really hard with us to. We had the extra copy but we had to somehow get it over to the girls' country in time for us to be submitted this Thursday, and if you remember from an earlier post this last package had a ride, so we didn't particularly trust a delivery service. So Nancy told us to send out an email and ask if anyone was leaving out on Monday or Tuesday so we would have time to get it to them. So I did that and a wonderful lady named Samantha came back and said that she was leaving out Tuesday (tomorrow the 23rd) and she would be willing to take it for us if we could get it to her in Phoenix in time. Ok so how are we going to get it to Phoenix in time. So we started calling delivery services, there are no delivery services open Sundays, so we were looking for maybe a same day service but the cheapest we found for that was $500 What are you kidding me. Next option seeing if anyone had frequent flyer miles they would be willing to give us because we did not have the extra money for a plane ticket, plane ticket $300. No one had frequent flyer miles. We put out requests on facebook, and believe me if you want something done put it on fb, because we had wheels turning everywhere and Heaven was being flooded with prayers for our beautiful daughters.

By Sunday though I had become discouraged, I was almost giving up, because I felt no way was this going to happen. I skipped church because I was so bummed, and I didn't feel like going in and plastering a smile on my face and pretending everything was ok or was going to be ok. But little did I know that Heaven was going to be flooded and lots of prayers was going up that morning. My daughter's Godmother had special prayer in their Sunday School class, and then our pastor made an announcement for special prayer.
Meanwhile I had a family Thanksgiving meal to go to, and was bummed but I went and I did have a good time, but the whole time I was thinking we had failed God had failed and it was over, satan had won. Wow was I WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!

We had come to the conclusion I was going to have to fly to Phoenix hand deliver it and then fly home. Boy again was I wrong! Andrew just happened to log onto his fb, mind you he didn't put anything on his fb because he is a man I LOVE YOU HONEY ;) but low and behold God was at work! One of his friends posted "About to head to Tuscon!" This was perfect!!! So Andrew called him and talked with him, and asked him if he was flying into Phoenix. Jerry explained to him...Are you ready??? That he was flying into Phoenix but that it was where his connecting flight is. I mean that is Awesome! Our thought was that he would fly into Phoenix and drive to Tuscon, but again we were WRONG! LOL Do we see a pattern??? God is in Control! Andrew explained to him our little girls' lives depended on it and asked him if he would be will to take it to Sam. Jerry said the only problem that might arise was that he wouldn't have to go back through security since it was a connecting flight so she would have to try to come through security. After talking to Sam and the airlines we found out that she wouldn't be able to go through security, he was still going to take the package we were just now going to have to trust a complete stranger with it. Boy was I panicky! :)

So this morning we set out for Nashville bright and early to get the package to Jerry before his flight at 11:00. We met Jerry at his hotel, gave it to him, with a kiss and much prayer over it. I kept thinking we would hear something at 4 because I kept thinking that Phoenix was an hour ahead of us instead an hour behind us. So when I didn't hear anything at 4 I got a sick feeling, but Andrew told me that his flight wouldn't be in until 6 our time 5 theirs. So I had another 2 hours of pacing the floor, along with others pacing with us, which I could never thank enough for hanging in there with us. So at 6:30 Sam called and said "The Eagle has Landed" I think I might have screamed in her ear. I was laughing, crying, jumping for joy! The funny part was they didn't have to go through another person Jerry handed it straight to Sam. They asked the security officer if he could give her the package and with a strange look and a shrug of the shoulder Jerry handed the package over the security guy to Sam! Isn't God so Good!!!

My friend Linny has been through a lot today with her family, and this next little section is a snit bit from her blog, and because she said it so well I snagged it from her. I told her though lol ;) This is what she said "No doubt, the enemy is ticked!! I don't often talk about the enemy and his tactics, but I strongly believe that he, indeed, "comes to steal, kill and destroy".....and when God's children challenge the status quo, speak passionately on behalf of the orphan and are relentless to make a difference, the enemy wants to ruin their day. He wants to to discourage, to torment with fear and to thankful we serve the mighty God of the Universe - - - who is far more powerful in every way!!!"

She is so wise!!!

Thank you to EVERYONE who helped, prayed, called and showed us lots of love during this time!!! We love you all!!! (And Amber who lost sleep with me)

Now to wait until Thursday to get that email that says "You have been submitted"

To be continued until Thursday with A Reason to be Thankful Post....


Jill said...

WOW WOW WOW WOW!!! God is AWESOME!!!! Totally amazing. If He can do that, what is some puny little gov't vote. :-) GO GOD!!! So happy for you and the girls!!!

Julia said...

The enemy is very ticked and the angels are rejoicing. Every small victory brings us closer to the GRAND SYMPHONY when all the earth will shout out HIS PRAISES! Praying too for submission! No matter what - God is good.

David and Carolyn said...

WOWZERS!!!!! I think you're going to have a very Happy Thanksgiving:) We'll just keep those prayers coming for you all.

summer said...

Wow - Now that is a story!!!! I have the chills and tears running down my face!!!! YOU DID IT!!!!!! THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!

Sarah said...

Yay! That's an amazing story. It's so good to hear happy news. :)

Scrappy quilter said...

What a wonderful story of God's faithfulness. Thank you Lord.