Monday, November 1, 2010

Dossier has arrived!!!

So as of 11:00 this morning our Dossier was in country awaiting clearance, at about 3:30 I checked again and it had been delivered and signed for! Yay! I was on chat tonight and asked how long it would take for them to translate and I was told it could possibly take just a few days and there could be a possibility that we could be submitted this week! :) So now we just wait and see because it could be next week since there was a few in front of us, but it is there and we should know something in a matter of days or possibly a week. But we are so close to our daughters. We are extremely happy!

I also want to thank everyone who has visited our blog in the past couple of days. We have had a lot of new people to stop by and read about our journey. We have also had a couple of people donate to help us bring our daughters home, and we have also had a few people buy jewelry to also help. Thank you so much!!!

You can still go to and order your Christmas gifts, birthday presents etc and help bring our daughters home. We hope to be traveling in a few weeks and we still have lots of funds to raise. This was my fb post from today, so I will put it on here to, Did you know there is only 54 days until Christmas? How would you like to shop for Christmas gifts and help bring home two beautiful little girls? Well, here's your chance! :) Please go check it out and help us bring our daughters home! :) Please make sure you put the Lane Family when checking out! :)

Thank you all so much and please keep the prayers coming!


Sarah said...

I'm so happy about your dossier progress! Yay! :) Does this mean you might get to travel this year?!?! I really hope so.
Sarah G.

Jlane said...

Thank you! We are hoping to have our girls home by Christmas :)