Wednesday, October 13, 2010

God is in Control of My Adoption. Fear not I am with you Isaiah 41:10

Trusting is sometimes hard. Currently we are waiting on the USCIS to get back to us, and waiting is driving me crazy. I have to say throughout our whole adoption journey God has come through when it seemed impossible, I might also add that it is normally in the 11th hour, but nonetheless he still comes through. Last week Andrew contacted the USCIS to find out about our application and our officer informed us that they had "misplaced" our home study. Grrr so we rushed around to get everything back together for it and mailed it directly to our officer. Andrew also told her how important it was that we had it expedited and she told us there was only two ways that they would expedite one of them is the reason that we are in such a hurry to get over to our beautiful little girls. Our oldest daughter Ellee is in risk of being transferred to an institution. Being transferred to an institution means death. Most children transferred live a year or less :( This freaks me out and scares me!!! God is in control and he will come through and I know that but let me just be honest and tell you my faith is being tested! Andrea the Executive Director of Reese's Rainbow emailed our officer and explained to her the situation and she sent an email back to Andrea simply saying Thank you, but when Andrew explained to her the importance of getting our case expedited she seemed to be willing to help and so we are hoping to hear something by the end of this week! Please pray

Our next fundraiser will be November 6th at 8 a.m. we are having a 5k walk/run. The cost will be $10 per person. Please pray that this is a success and that many will come out to help bring our girls' home, and if you can come out, please come out and help us bring home our girls!


Chris and Sarah said...

I can't even begin to imagine what you must be going through. I do know though that God has a very special place in his heart for orphans.

Let me tell you about what God showed me this week. In all the zillion times I heard the story of Moses it never hit me. In all my adoption/orphan researched it net never hit me. Moses should have died! God could have let him die with all the other babies, God could have also made a way for his parents to keep him. God chose to save ONE baby boy and chose for him to be adopted. Moses wouldn't have had his testimony if it would have happened any other way.

This week I found out our son was saved from the hands of death when he was in the orphanage. God loved him, protected him and has a plan for him. I believe God has a plan for your daughter too.

Jlane said...

Thank you Sarah! I am just stressing because we are up against some pretty big "giants" right now and I feel so helpless. Thank you for your kind words, your encouragment and your support!