Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fingerprints done!

We went today and had our fingerprints done, electronically, yay!!! Andrew had bee trying to contact our officer for the last few days, and yesterday finally she got back in touch with him. She told him that our fingerprints appt had been set-up but it wasn't until November 15th, well that's not possible so he asked her if he could email him a copy of the appt paper and she said No but that she could fax it, so she faxed it to him, and we went this morning hoping they would take us early. The officer had told us that it might be possible to have them done early but she didn't know, so we went, and they done them!!!! So now it is just waiting on her to finish her paperwork and send us our I-171H approval. We HAVE to have it next week, or we do not get to travel until February, please be in prayer with us that we get everything next week and get it sent off so that it will be there by November 1st!!!!!

We are believing that we will be going in the next month so we are still needing lots of funds, so please be in prayer for us, and if you can give and are feeling called to give you have 2 options. You can click on the "Bring Ellee and Johannah home" and that donation is tax deductible, or you can click on the orange donate button. Thanks a bunch!!!


Jennifer said...

I am SO VERY HAPPY right now!!! I am glad you got those fingerprints done and am hoping and praying that you get your 171h super speedy quick so you can bring my neices home :)
You are one lucky Momma to have such beautiful girls! Love ya girlie!!!

David and Carolyn said...

We're in the same boat!! I think your girls are in that same place as our Madeline.Putting you on my prayer list :)
Carolyn and David

Jlane said...

That is awesome, maybe we will be there together! There is another family that we might be there with also, so that would be great! We will be praying for you all to! Thank you for your prayers!