Friday, May 7, 2010

Finished painting the girl's room

Finished painting the girls room tonight. Now just to get their beds and bedding and get it all set up. Still trying to decide if I am going to do the wood letters to spell out their name or get the creative expressions letters and put them on the wall. I am leaning more towards the creative expressions. Tomorrow my plan is to clean the floors, put the new blinds up, put up their bookshelf, and their kitchen and dress up areas that was given to me by my friend Amy.

Can not believe that it is just a few short months away, before I will have my daughters here. I almost said until I am a mother, but I feel like I am a mother already. I have been trying to imagine how life is going to be after the girls get here, and I just keep thinking of how wonderful life is going to be.

So many people have asked how they can donate to help us so I added a donate button tonight. You are able to donate straight to that account and it will go towards the cost of paperwork, and then of course travel, lodging, visas and medicals for the girls, and so much more towards the adoption.

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