Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sleep Study

We went last night (Wednesday) for the girls' sleep study. We first took them to get some supper and we took them to a japanese restaurant where they cook right in front of you and they LOVED it. They were in aw over everything happening. At first they were kinda scared but within seconds they were cheering and wanting more. A really cool story, we were sitting with another couple, and the gentleman struck up a conversation with us, which led us to telling him the girls adoption story. The guy was born in Ukraine!!!! How cool is that!!! He immigrated first to Germany with his family and then to the United States. He spoke some Russian to the girls but they kinda looked at him funny. It was so amazing!!! After we left the restaurant we headed over to the hotel that Vanderbilt has a floor on for all the patients that have sleep studies done. You could really tell the girls were confused and didn't know what was going on. We first dropped Ellee and Andrew off in their room and Johannah and I went to our room. I tried to keep a normal routine with her as possible. It took what seemed like forever for the technician to come in to start getting her hooked up, so in the meantime of us waiting Andrew was texting me pics of Ellee getting hooked up. He said she was scared at first but then after that she was laughing and playing around with the guy as he hooked her up. At around 8:30 the tech came in and started hooking Johannah up she looked at me as if to say "mom what is she doing to me" I told her it was ok and after that she was being funny. She kept moving her head and turning the other way and would just laugh. She was too cute. After she was all hooked up we moved over onto the bed, where I laid her down, and she gave me the look as to say "mommy don't leave me" it broke my heart so bad, so I laid down next to her and I don't think she could have gotten any closer. She snuggled right up next to me  and was asleep within minutes. It didn't take me long either to go to sleep. I didn't get much sleep, Johannah was all over the bed, and I don't know how many times I had to pull her back to the middle of the bed because she would get so close to the edge. Around 3 she woke up and then from 3-5am she was very restless. At 5 when the tech came in there, Johannah was wrapped in the wires. She tossed and turned so much that she was wrapped all the way to her feet in the wires. Andrew said that Ellee tossed all night as well, that she was in a different position everytime he woke up to check on her. The tech also told Andrew that Ellee sweated a lot during the night (she gets that from her dad lol) Now we just wait a couple of weeks before we get the results.
Getting all hooked up

"What is this guy doing?" lol

"No, No more pictures" :)

Getting all tucked in 

"What is this thing in my nose?" 

Happy Bug

"What is this?"

"Hey look I have a red finger now!"

She was stealing tape here and trying to keep it from the tech lol

All hooked up and ready for bed

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