Monday, October 31, 2011

Ellee's first field trip and Halloween

We went on Ellee's first field trip today to the pumpkin patch. They had lots of animals that you could feed, and you could use the old timey machine that would take the corn kernels off the cob she really like cranking that. She didn't like the animals licking her hand so much, but neither did mommy. We then done a hayride and a maze and at the end of the maze was the pumpkin patch where they could pick their own pumpkin. Ellee was so proud of her pumpkin. After we got back to the other area they got to have free time and play. They had a tractor hooked up to some lawnmowers and pulled them around the grass, then she played in the corn which I thought we would NEVER get her out of lol but when I said eat we were out of there in no time. By the time they got finished eating she was ready to go. She didn't feel very good so I went back to the school and checked her out and she went home and went to bed and slept almost 3 hours. After she got up I got them ready to go trick or treating. Trick or treating started at 5:00 and we were off, the first house they opened their bags and got candy by the second house they were on a role and loved opening their bags and getting something put in it :) We got home a little after 7 and both girls were asleep by 7:45 that is how worn out and tired they were. A wonderful Halloween we did have! :)

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