Sunday, July 24, 2011

Prayers please

I know I haven't posted about the girls in a few days but there isn't much to post. We get up everyday eat breakfast, play, eat lunch, play, take a nap, get up eat a snack, play, play, play, eat supper, take a bath, play and go to bed. lol that is our typical day. We are doing some testing with them for school right now, but other than that everyday is the same. But we are happy and healthy and so the same ole same ole is good for me ;)

There are several people in my world right now that need lots of prayers. Please pray for the Warner family their blog is here. They are in EE right now and have been stuck there for 10 days, because the Dr. saw a spot on Joshua's x-ray it could be pneumonia or it could be TB. Specific prayer request please pray that tomorrow when they go back to the Dr. and have his x-ray done it will be completely clear and they are cleared to come home where he can get better medical care. Being over there longer than expected has taken a toll on their finances so please say lots of prayers for this family.

My friend Sarah is adopting from the same orphanage that the girls were in. Her beautiful little girl has already had one heart surgery is in need of another one. Right now there are 2 problems. One is that her current condition is not listed on the list of Special Needs so no Americans can adopt her so please pray that her condition will be added to the list and before she has to have the 2nd surgery because if she has the second surgery she will be ineligible all together for adoption from outsiders. You can read their story here

Last but not least My friend Linny's daughters boyfriend was in a motorcycle accident last Sunday on his way to pick up his girlfriend (Linny's daughter) right now he is in a medical induced coma and on a ventilator. I don't want to misquote anything so go over to her blog here and read Karl's story and the specific prayer requests.

Thank you all so much!!!


Jennifer said...

You know I'm praying! Looks like the Warner's are on finishing up so they can come home! Will continue to pray for Sarah and your friends boyfriend!

Sarah said...

Thank you Jennifer...I appreciate this so much. We don't have a computer at home right now so blogging/commenting is difficult but I follow everyone's blog from my phone. Seeing how happy and precious your girls are gives me hope we will be posting pics of Caroline at the zoo someday soon :)

Emily said...

Praying with you!!!