Saturday, July 9, 2011

First trip to the zoo

We took the family to the zoo today. We had a blast. The girls actually loved it. We were a little worried because they are just now getting used to different animals. We have actually ventured out to my moms where my boxer is at and they don't freak out with her anymore, and they are getting better with cats too. They really enjoyed seeing all the animals, they didn't care for the snakes. We were able to do the petting zoo and they got to pet a goat, a camel, and a donkey. First trip to the zoo a success :) Here are some pics from our day
The kiddos looking through the tube at the lemars (Ellee is in there she is behind Bailey's head)

Looking at the fish

Ok this photo is funny only because they were looking for the lizard thingy and they couldn't find it and Bailey found it, it was hanging from the top of the cage and so it scared her and in return she scared Ellee, but they both recovered and we moved on.

Mommy do you see this?

Johannah and daddy

Ellee and Mommy

Johannah says this is what a alligator does

Petting the goat

Ellee and Bailey jumping on the bridge

3 hours later and Johannah still has a smile

3 hours later and Ellee still has a smile too


summer said...

My Goodness Jenn - your girls look so BEAUTIFUL!!! They have changed so much - WOW!!!!! I just LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!! YAY!!!!

Barbara said...

Wonderful pictures of your zoo trip. Those girls are a true treasure!