Sunday, December 12, 2010

A child's heart

As most of you seen we posted a coca~cola sled fundraiser a few days ago, along with posting it on here, I posted it on facebook, and then I set up at the local grocery store and sold chances. We drew today, and Mandy Shemwell is now the proud owner of a sled, which by the way they can use today since it is snowing like crazy outside right now.

We set up(at the grocery store) last Saturday the 4th and then I set up Friday(10th) and Saturday(11th). I tried to remind everyone that was putting in for a "chance" to win a sled what they were really doing was having a part in saving the life of two little girls that will be coming to a HOME and will be orphans no more. We live in a small town so most everyone that came in the store were people that we know, yesterday (Saturday the 11th) a lady I love dearly, worked with for a long time, and who is raising her grandson who is a sever diabetic came in with her grandson. I hadn't seen her in a while so she didn't know that we were adopting, so I told her the whole story hehe and so she gave $5 dollars for 6 chances and then a $15 dollar donation. Over the rest of the day more people came in and more people entered to win the sled. I was about to pack up and head home and in walks the little boy and he came up to the table and stood. I asked him what he was doing, how his day had been, and he told me. As he was walking away, to go get the sodas that his grandmother sent him in to get, he came back to the table and handed me a dollar and I told him I said your grandmother has already put in and he said yeah I know but my uncle gave me 11 dollars for Christmas and I wanted to give a dollar to your girls. Awwwww I mean he is a child and he gets it. I mean I had a dollar thrown at me earlier, and yes thrown at me, and said I guess I'll give a dollar, I even had funny stories about some of the people that came in, I can't tell you how many people wanted to know "what" we were adopting I mean really we had pictures of the girls all over the place. But for this child who got 11 dollars as a Christmas gift from his uncle, who could have easily spent it on a toy, spent it on candy, or whatever he wanted to he chose to give it to Ellee and Johannah to help bring them home. He left and went and bought his sodas and left, but as he left the store he had the biggest smile on his face, and walked a little taller and he should by all means have the biggest smile on his face and he should walk taller. :) Hence the title "A Child's Heart"


Scrappy quilter said...

I love the hearts of little children. They must delight God too.

Jennifer said...

Isn't it truly amazing how kids just get it. I think most adults - myself included - could learn so much from the hearts of children. Often times they don't get enough credit. I hope the fundraiser went well! What a cool looking sled!