Thursday, July 1, 2010

A special gift

Today I went to Nashville and picked up two pink toddler beds, and several other items for my daughter from a lady that I can't say thank you to enough. So lets go back and get filled in! Yesterday I was having a blah kind of day, not for any particular reason, but it was just one of those days. Let me just tell you when God turns a day upside down he really turns it upside down. So I was sitting on the couch, still in my blah mood, and the phone rang. Normally I don't answer the phone if I don't know the number and I let it go to voice mail and then if it is someone I know I call them back. For some reason this time I answered the phone, and the lady (and I have to be honest I didn't remember her name, so I had to ask her name again today, and it is Rainy) on the other end begins to change my day completely. Lets go back again, I have been checking craigslist like a mad women trying to find toddler beds for the girls and I wanted them to match and if they couldn't match to at least somewhat match. Well I had found the two cutest little pink toddler beds that I fell in love with and had inquired about them. I had emailed Rainy and told her that we were adopting two little girls, and told her from where and told her that I loved the beds but I couldn't afford exactly what she was asking for them, but that if she found that she was unable to sell them and was going to go down on them to please give me a call because I would love to have them. Ok so we are caught up, so when she called me last night it was not to tell me that they had went down on the beds but that she was GIVING them to us!!! Words could not express how I was feeling! I couldn't help but to cry! To see God's love through her was amazing! I met her today, and even though I probably drove her up the wall because I am not the greatest driver in Nashville and don't know much about it and the fact that I am from a town that has one stop light, I kept calling her because I was lost. She was absolutely amazing and was very sweet, kind, and loving. To step out and help a complete stranger, you know it feels different when it is being done for you. We do it all the time with different missions, and helping people that we see on the streets that might be hungry but to actually have it done for you feels completely different. I can say I truly saw the love of God through a person today.

The funny thing, not ha ha funny, but the funny thing is throughout this whole journey we have had people reach out to us and help us and has given us things. A friend (Amy) that I can truly call a friend now has stepped out and she has given us items for the girls and is even throwing a baby shower for us along with my great friend Kim. Words can not express how I feel. It is like I told Rainy today that thank you seems like a super small word, but unfortunately in the English language that is all there is so I have to settle for that, but if anyone knows a bigger word to express how I feel please tell me ;)

Thank you all for your wonderful thoughts, prayers, your and love!


Nelly said...

I have just started to read your blog, We too want to adopt a child on rr. what all do you need to get done?? I am excited for you and will be praying for you along your journey!

Jlane said...

Thank you so much! The journey is amazing! Have you contacted Andrea yet? If you haven't you will want to contact Andrea, and she will tell you all the things you will need to do in order to commit to a child(ren) and then your process will include a homestudy, and a dossier where you will have to gather different items, like your home information, job/income info, medicals, passports. The dossier is pretty simple, is it all rose beds and flower gardens No but the journey is amazing and you will have a greater reward and all the hardwork will pay off in the end. If you need anymore info you can email me at I don't want to overwhelm you all at once ;)