Wednesday, July 14, 2010

sorry no posts

I wanted to say sorry there hasn't been any new posts lately. My dad has been in the hospital for the last two weeks, and I haven't left the hospital. I joked that the hospital was going to eventually id me to make sure I had a home to go home to. lol....Dad is home and doing a lot better now, but we were very scared there for a little while. He was set to come home last Sunday, and Sunday morning at 1:15 he started going into cardiac arrest and they had to ventilate him. He was on the ventilator from Sunday morning until Saturday morning, and on Friday I don't think I smiled once or even stopped crying because we didn't know if he was going to make it, but after many prayers and begging God to please not take my dad, they took the ventilator out and he has been doing great every since. He got the vent out on Saturday morning, Saturday night he was eating chicken breast, rice/gravy, salad, and pineapple, by Sunday he was in his own private room, and up walking around and by Tuesday he was ready to be discharged. He did have a spell on Monday night, and it was caused from having a nightmare about being on the ventilator and he thought he was having another spell but he wasn't he was just having a panic attack.

Thank you everyone who has called, emailed, texts, and most of all prayed for us during this time!!!!


Jennifer said...

So glad your Dad is better. It is good to have you back too :) Will you try and get some rest NOW?? I've miss you girl :)

Jlane said...

Thanks Jenn! It is good to be back. I have been resting, I think I tried to catch up on all of my sleep yesterday lol. I slept most of the day away, but so did my dad lol...I have missed you too!!! :)