Friday, March 16, 2012

Home a year

At exactly this time last year, we landed at Nashville International Airport after traveling for 24 hours. We were exhausted, tired, cranky and ready to be home. I remember it like yesterday. The girls did amazing on all the flights, but by the time we left D.C. to head to Nashville we were READY for it to be over and us to be home. Once at the airport we had friends there waiting for us and I was so happy to see them, Andrew and my momma. Gosh all this seems just like yesterday, but it feels like the girls have been here forever. How is that even possible? We officially got home home somewhere around 1:30-2:00 in the morning. I remember going in the girls room and staring at them as they slept, and being so thankful they were home in their beds. And it is still something I do, I go in and check on the girls make sure they are covered up, in their beds etc. but the main thing is to look at them and to praise Jesus that they are HOME!

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