Friday, December 23, 2011

Johannah's surgery

Johannah's surgery went great! Her tonsils and adenoids were enlarged and she had a ton of fluid behind her eardrums so the tubes are going to be a great asset. When dr. Goudy came in to tell us about the surgery he told me that Johannah was going to be really upset with him, and we explained to him that she would not and after going back and forth a few minutes he said ok we will see ;) Well we did see as soon as he came into recovery to check on her and put her orders into the computer she smiled at him and blew him kisses. Told him! :) After she woke up in recovery the first thing she asked for was a drink and she DRANK! Everyone was so surprised. She also went potty 2 times before we were even in a room. The dr. told us if she kept that up then she would be able to go home the next day. After about 2 hours in recovery, because we were waiting for a room, we finally got a room. Once in the room Johannah and I pretty much snuggled and watched movies the rest of the night. (Andrew had to go to work and my mom had to watch Ellee so it was just me and Johannah) At one point both her and I got cabin fever so we went for a wagon ride around the floor. Once back in the room I got to order her some yummy chicken broth (gag) but she ate it like a champ! Later on she ate some applesauce, and some ice cream. She also put away about 6 of those small juice containers, and some water. We had a couple visitors, one being my brother and his wife and my nephew. We had lots of phone calls and wonderful comments on facebook. We were both asleep really early and only woke up when they came in to give meds and take vitals. I had to give Johannah her medicine because she would not let the nurses give it to her. I have to say we had some very wonderful nurses. All the nurses and doctors that came in to see Johannah was very surprised at how well she was doing and couldn't believe it. When dr. Goudy came in today he said I have to give it to you, you were right that she would be going home today. She was even singing when he came in :) So a couple hours later we broke out of there. She has been home and doing great. She has however decided the only thing she is going to eat well is Mac and Cheese. She will eat anything else you put in front of her but she eats the mac and cheese first and asks for me, and she gets it. She is still drinking well. The only thing I don't like is the medicine that gave her for pain makes her really tired. I can't wait to have her back to 100%

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and the festivities begin! I can't wait to see how the girls react to all the excitement. Please pray for Johannah and that she is able to do all the fun stuff and not be too out of it and definitely not in any pain.

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