Monday, September 26, 2011

Ellee's ear appointment at the specialist

We took Ellee to her specialist appointment and he confirmed that she is going to have to do surgery. Her surgery is scheduled for November 9th. The surgeon told us today that she has cysts growing on her left ear drum which is what is causing all the trouble, along with the hole in her ear, so the surgery is very necessary. Plus the other plus sides are it will help her with her speech, and she will be able to hear out of her left ear.
After her appointment we headed to The CheeseCake factory to meet up with my friend Emily and her 2 cuties. We had a blast and had a great visit. Emily went out of her way to help us to get the girls home, and today was the first time she got to meet the girls, so it was an extra special visit. ( I snagged some pics off her blog for you all to see shh don't tell her lol)

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summer said...

Beautiful pics!!! And poor little Ellee but so glad it is something that they can fix!!! Oh and Congrats on getting your braces off - YAY!!!!!